Amazon search doesn't search


Same problem here trying to list books. Google search is the only way I’m able to find anything at the moment.


I still have Amazon choice on some listings and the listing doesn’t even show when you look up the search terms.

Just received this…which contains no information

Greetings from Fulfillment by Amazon!

Thank you for raising your concern with us about searching your item on

This is a recap email and a reference for our conversation.

We are currently experiencing a technical issue which may prevent you from searching your item on Our technical staff is aware of this issue, and they are currently working toward resolving this problem. However, at this time, we are not able to provide an estimated time of resolution. We appreciate your patience while this issue is resolved.

If you have any other questions please call us back so we can assist you.

Thank you again for calling Amazon and I wish you the best with your sales.

Have a good day.


I’m sure something is going haywire because this weeks sales reflect that!


Any response yet from Amazon


Yeah my precious Charizards are not selling =(

Many of my Pokemon cards are nowhere to be found in the search results. At this point it is easier to find Japanese cards lol.


It really does a crummy job.

Lets say I’m looking for a KX-TG641B cordless phone. First result will be a KXTG651B and the 2nd or 3rd one will be the KX-TG641B.

If I search for something, that is WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR - Not what you think I might be interested instead


we have same problem today


Same problem here!


my listing is gone from desktop search results too. Nowhere to be found. I can find it on mobile though…but only when typing in brand name.


I just got off the phone with Amazon, they say they will have it fixed in 24 hours.


thank you for your reply


I would try copying and pasting the title and any other relevant under the Keywords tab after clicking Edit then paste them into the Search Terms box for each product.


I’m actually have the SAME issue over here. In fact I even see items missing from my very own storefront. They show active on the Manage inventory but they’re not showing in my store front or search results.

Anyone else getting this?


I have the same problem. One of my items does not show up. And my brand is registered with Amazon. And yes, I am annoyed to no end when my brand is entered in the search box and tons of similar products show up but mines.


I am trying to search for various DVDs and many are missing from search, the European version shows up but not the US version.


Mine started doing this same thing the last few days. Went from 1-3 sales a day to zero. It used to rank top 2 on several big keywords, and now it isn’t even on ANY of the page results. It’s completely gone, except from sponsored ads.


Having the same issue when looking up Pokemon Cards.


Something up with Amazon site search today… half of our products are not displaying at all for search terms they normally (for past 24 months) have ranked to in top 5 for. Since this is clearly not an isolated thing, going to wait 24 hours for things to fix themselves before checking in with AMZ


Amazon responded:
“We have alerted our specialists to your issue and have forwarded your case to their attention. They will research your issue on an expedited basis and reach out to you if any additional information is required. We understand that this is an urgent issue and will work hard to provide a timely resolution.”


Yes searching my brand name one product doesn’t show but the others do sigh…