Amazon`s Reputation Jeopardized by Just Launched/Underpriced Fake Sellers


I guess this is more of an opinion/observation than a question. But Amazon better come up with a solution fast to counter the hundreds of “Just Launched” Sellers creating fake no inventory accounts with ridiculously low prices.
This has been an existing problem for years on Amazon but lately due to the multitude of such, it`s now seriously affecting both Amazon & honest reputable sellers on their website.


Without disagreeing in the slightest, I’ll offer my
own opinion, as well.

Amazon has +“outsourced”+ the policing of this
problem to a free labor force: 3rd party sellers,
who have individually much more at stake than
Amazon does, in the aggregate. It’s the only
+“solution”+ on offer.

Given the length of time this has been a problem,
one can only assume that the status quo, while
likely not ideal, is still working for Amazon.

Until the balance of pros vs cons changes, +from+
+Amazon’s point of view,+ this is not likely to
change any time soon.


Not to disagree with anything you stated…but, being the Amazon “Police” is their job, not mine.
My time as a seller is valuable & dedicated to my own retail business. Listing, Editing, Shipping, Customer Service, etc.
I would contend that if Amazon no longer had sellers/retailers to depend upon for notifying them of fraudulent sellers & fake accounts, then Amazon would have no choice but to take direct action themselves.
Besides, Amazons "take no direct action" & relying mainly on sellers to report this issue clearly isnt working. Because over the past few years the problem has only gotten significantly worse. The end result is after a buyer has been “stung” once or twice on Amazon by these fake sellers, those customers will simply do their online shopping elsewhere.
Now I know why my sales on the “Big E” have slowly increased while on Amazon they`ve slightly decreased.


When or if Amazon finds reason to agree with that
statement, you will see an overnight change that will
astound and delight you.

Until that happens, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Sad, but true.

(For what it’s worth, I have no problem agreeing with
your statement. But until Amazon agrees, it doesn’t
much matter what you and I agree to.)


Truer words were never spoken…


You’re preaching to the choir, and the sinners aren’t listening.


> Until the balance of pros vs cons changes, +from+
> +Amazon’s point of view,+ this is not likely to
> change any time soon.

pretty obvious “amazon’s point of view” on this is short-sited and will bite them in the butt in the near future.

ironic, since Jeff started as a “long term” visionary but has completely devolved into a short-sited, quick, dirty, easy money mentality.

There’s been more damage done to amazon’s reputation in the last year than in the whole 22 years they’ve been in business.


My view on this is ‘Seller Performance’ have become disconnected from the real world customer facing website. They seem obsessed with shuttering established sellers and seem to have completely overlooked the real world problem… fake seller accounts. Looking at it from a pure metrics perspective, these accounts have done nothing wrong until the negative feedback / ODR rate issues start after a few weeks. But again, these fake accounts are providing ‘cover’ for the onboarding statistics - it will look as if Amazon are onboarding sellers. Quite what the real story is, who knows, but I doubt it’s quite what it seems.


My modem / router stopped working and I need a new one. Tried to buy on Amazon… page after page after page of modem/ routers at $2 or $3 with free shipping by “just launched” sellers …it takes a very skilled person to figure out which listing is authentic; I can’t do it so I will drive to the B&M store and buy one. My guess I am not the only one…


When you run a business, it +is+ your responsibility to police your own store.

Unless Amazon IT, comes up with a solution, to stop these sellers, +before+ they list, it is foolish to think it is Amazon’s responsibility to scour every single sellers’ storefront, every single day, to police +your+ listings.

It’s +your+ store and the Amazon police are not going to be running a flashlight through your windows, while you sleep, to see if you have any intruders. That is up to the individual seller.

If you believe your +only+ responsibilities are to list, edit, and ship, then consider it a valuable Customer Service, to keep your store free of counterfeiters.

Copy, paste, rinse, repeat:

For anyone reading this thread, please report the Just Launched (Scam) sellers yourself, using the following format:

Please, be patient. Some are removed within hours, some may take a week, but ultimately, the majority are removed, if you follow the below format.

Make a very simple list of all sellers, you are reporting:

1. Seller’s name:

Link to their storefront:

2. Seller’s name:

Link to their storefront:

3. Seller’s name:

Link to their storefront:


Message: We believe above sellers are engaging in fraudulent activity. Please investigate.

Subject of email: Possible fraudulent sellers.

Email the list, directly to:

Do not use the terms, “fake” or “counterfeit”.

Do not add anything to the above message.

Do not repeat names of sellers that you previously reported.
(In other words, if you are sending daily or weekly reports, do not add the same seller’s name to another list.)

Amazon is well aware of the problem, but you do need to report them, as I posted above.

The main reason for brevity, is to make sure your report is read and understood. Seller performance likely receives thousands of emails a day and anything to make it easier for them, will make it more efficient for you.


Where do we go to report the fake sellers?


I guess I’m one of the free police, as I have allotted the first hour of my day every day to pulling 2 or up to 8 fake seller names and storefronts from my listings and referring them to amazon. I am happy to do that because within 24 hours, they are removed. However, they (or others) just come back with new names by the next morning.
I do have a question about this dilemma. Does anyone know if we are allowed to write in our title or description, or both, to advise potential buyers to check a sellers feedback for their own safety before purchasing this item?


I have noticed this same phenomenon, intensely increased in the last 2 weeks. Overnight new sellers, zero inventory, undercut prices. Gone in 24 hours, and a brand new one with an identical profile pop up. 24 hours and gone again, with a new one in its place.

Not sure how Amazon is vetting (or not vetting) this, but something needs to change.

I know how Amazon could fix it, but my suggestion would not be appreciated by re-sellers.


I’ve noticed this increasing as well, and, sadly I’ve also seen the leaches spreading from just the US Amazon to as well. As of today, I’ve also observed that the just launched sellers seem to be taking a new tactic of somehow obtaining old/ignored Amazon accounts which seemingly used to be legitimate but have their last feedback from years ago and listing with those. I’m not sure how effective Seller Performance will be in eliminating these once reported. This situation is looking pretty grim right now.


I read someone had the idea to limit “just launched” sellers to just a few items until they build up feedback. This would not interest these scam sellers because they leech onto thousands of items overnight. I personally, think that is a great idea.


I saw a couple also that had feedback from 2012! I don’t know how they did that, but amazon did remove them after I reported them.


Except its really not "my store".........its Amazons. In essence, Amazon is one infinitely huge warehouse in cyberspace with millions of individual sellers. I pay a monthly fee and/or a sales percentage in order to be permitted to set up a tiny stand to sell my wares. And, I must follow all of their rules & policies, otherwise Im thrown out of the building by their “security personnel” so to speak.
I dont have time to be concerned with what the other millions of sellers are doing at their tables. Nor is it required or my job. After all, Amazon is solely responsible for letting them "in the building" in the first place. So let them deal with their blunderous error. And in paying all the fees I do to Amazon, I expect some basic protection, such as from being hacked or ripped off by unscrupulous customers. And Amazons whole attitude towards the phony seller issue is simply to let sellers monitor other sellers. I find it quite perplexing that Amazon has allowed this serious problem to continue for many years without addressing it directly themselves. Especially considering its only gotten exponentially worse by having only sellers report fraud occurring on their website. But the big question is why? And the plain & simple fact is it all comes down to Amazons bottom line profit & the almighty $$.
Theyve outsourced Customer Service, Seller Support & Seller Performance overseas to a staff of less than stellar employees. Many of whom are poorly trained, dont know or follow Amazon policy & have difficulty in their comprehension of, and/or speaking basic English language.
Until Amazon fully realizes this issue is diminishing sales & profits as well as a percentage loss of their customer base…things will only get worse.


Start with seller support and they send your message to seller performance and they hook you up with a link to just add seller names daily.
Go to seller central and at the top click help and key in contact seller support is the way I started

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The above statement is very true -
This “roach squatting” is happening and something needs to be done ASAP.
There is a very big leak on this site whereby accounts (mostly dormant) are being taken over and Tens of Thousands of items are being listed. Big concern as it points to extreme hacking.
Something similar to Holiday toys and games restriction needs to be implemented, along with a trial period for new sellers. This roach-squatting can be real bad!
Get with Amazon - put real solution in place to stop new sellers from having free reign