Amazon return/exchange for a private seller


I am not very experienced with selling on amazon.
I sold an item, over $1000, buyer liked it, but it has a slight problem, so he wants to exchange it. I’ve spoke to him on the phone, I think he’s a sincere buyer, he’s not playing an angle. So, if he sends it back, I am content to send him another one once I get it back, BUT, if he did decides to open a claim against me, am I going to lose the claim since he had sent the original one back and he has tracking to prove it?
Out of caution, I am inclined to refund the guy when I receive the item back, then have him pay for it again, or buy another one to keep the paper trail in order—
What do you think, people?



You should never offer any exchanges or replacements for your own protection, as the buyer would be able to open an A-Z claim insisting that they were never refunded.

Process the return with a refund in accordance with Amazon’s policies and if the buyer wishes to receive another item, advise them to place a new order.