Amazon Replacing Music Details Images with Generic "NOG GEEN...Image" What To Do



I am not sure what to do - as I sell music on Amazon. MANY of my titles that are listed on Amazon are having their album cover images on the details page replaced with a generic image with the Amazon logo in the corner, with a grey background, and the words “NOG GEEN AFBEELDING BESCHIKBAAR.” This is terrible for album sales. My past experience to get Amazon to put back the correct image of an album is that it’s time consuming, frustrating and difficult. And then, sometimes it goes right back to the wrong image after all that work. But I am seeing this happening to over a dozen of my titles and seeing it happening to more every day this week.

Any suggestions?



It is not Amazon doing this. It is another seller who has used a feed to upload these images to the Product Detail Page. " NOG GEEN AFBEELDING BESCHIKBAAR" means “no image available” and, unfortunately you will have to go through Seller Support to get them fixed.


Yes, I’ve been frustrated by this, too, lately. No way to upload an image. And why is it in Dutch? I was going to ask this question myself, but found your post. I’m just putting my photos on my listing, hoping someone will see that if they want to buy. I sold a CD for $39 that Amazon had a photo of Cole Slaw dressing for. I alerted them several times to no avail. Just put my own photos for my listing and I guess it helped assure the buyer. It’s that or sell it on Ebay for a few bucks to bargain basement shoppers!:wink:


How many would you say, roughly? I have three ASINs experiencing the same problem (2 of which are on my wishlist and not being sold be me), and if I can get more examples, it will help when I speak with the Catalog team over the phone.

I can almost guarantee that I’m going to be told that every listing needs “manufacturer proof” that they all don’t have the exact same generic stock image for a cover, but I’m hoping I get an agent with common sense at least when I tell them it was done by one ignorant seller.


There’s another thread, and I thought I had seen other mention:

I have stumbled over the image myself while shopping for music.



Those are the ones I found afte a quick search. I know there are more in my inventory.


Ugh…this ain’t gonna be fun.


Also, fwiw, I attempted to do some digging last night on a few of the ASINs I did know about to see if there was a common seller among them all and potentially see who was responsible for this, but came up short. Given that, it’s entirely possible these pages are being contaminated by changes made to their counterparts in European marketplaces.

I’ll give a recap with what the catalog team tells me once I can will myself to get out of bed on a day off.


I just got off the phone with a member of the Catalog team.

I couldn’t get the exact specifics from her, but she confirmed it was uploaded by a vendor account, which may account for why this happened. Images were not deleted, they all just got blocked by this one jerk’s upload.

Whoever it is, they’ve been reported, and for now the best thing you can do it open cases asking for their removal.


And like I thought would happen - when I went to report more ASINs that said jerk wrecked, I got an agent who expected “manufacturer proof” that every single ASIN reported all do not have the EXACT SAME COVER.

SMH, glad the next person I spoke to had common sense with this.


I had this happen to about a dozen of my images TWICE.

I opened cases for them last week and they were fixed. Only to revert to that stupid Dutch message again today. I opened more cases.

But how long is this going to go on!!!



As long as they allow the vendor, who’s doing it to keep on making up loads with their feeds…


I have an Asin I created as a 4 pack of incense and it’s picture has been turned to a showerhead, but all the details remain mine. It’s very frustrating this is so commonplace on this platform. There is no real review system in place to protect sellers from nonsense like this.

This thread is more proof that automation/bots and arithmetic based decisions cannot and should not (at least at this stage of their existence) be able to (more or less) run a company. Human review of image, title and brand changes …that aren’t pushed to make split second decisions… Would eliminate a lot of these kind of issues


For me, it’s proven that if you upload listings with a template, or if your image is dimensionally larger, you get automatic priority on the page. It doesn’t even matter if the latter literally violates ALL of Amazon’s guidelines for images, instant priority.

Said jerk above ruined more pages this week. Now I have to waste significant day off time to get these fixed today. Worst of all, I can’t even file a complaint on them because I don’t know who it is and support isn’t allowed to tell you.

Wrong photo showing but amazon must have proof of right pix

Last week the images were promptly fixed. This time Seller Support has been continuously sending me replies such as: We weren’t able to verify that the proof you provided supports the attribute changes you requested.

I had sent them images of both the front and back covers of the CD including the UPC. I reopened those cases asking what more could they want, only to receive a similar response. This went on for several reopenings. So far, only 4 of the 12 images have been fixed. But still, I persist.


Have you tried asking them to simply revert the images to the previous ones that were used? They shouldn’t require manufacture’s proof if the same reversion is applied to all ASINs to resolve the same screwup, nor should they require new artwork to be submitted and reviewed. You should also ask them if it’s possible to put a block on that vendor’s account to prevent this from happening to other products.

Here are some DVDs which have suffered from the same image auto-replacement problem. All of these had perfect, high quality artwork too.



Unfortunately, Bezos loves robots and outer space and all that “great stuff”. He’ll keep it run this way, I’m sure. This company does have a special knack for erasing the human factor. You just feel it, whether you’re a buyer or a seller.


Amazon seems to be doing all sorts of odd things to thwart sales of CD’s & albums, thus steering more & more buyers towards their digital music service. This is my suspicion. Also, I’ve noticed on some of these with the Nog Geen image, there is another newer version of the CD when you click on ‘See All Formats and Editions". That one has the correct image. Also, I’ve noticed more and more CD’s not being found in any searches, only the newer or remastered version. Just another way they are thwarting music sellers’ sales and heading more towards their digital sales. I think they don’t want any competition with that, and that was also the main reason behind the May 2017 CD, Cassette, Music deactivations and gating. Of course, the truth will never be told. I have about 2,000 CD’s listed in vain, on this site, and I’m suspecting only about 500 of them may actually be found by a potential buyer search. Very frustrating, not to mention crooked on Amazon’s part. Lots of wasted time & effort trying to sell on Amazon.

Will Amazon Ever Fix This?

" NOG GEEN AFBEELDING BESCHIKBAAR" image appears to be a low resolution image probably copies from another marketplace by a seller who has changed the listing.

Probably related to a more widespread vandalism problem this site has.


I reported 250 listings with this problem in the first week of March. It is now June and they haven’t fixed ANY of them!