Amazon removes useful widgets and puts up junk


Dear Amazon - Whoever “improved” the seller central home page has apparently never actually used it or sold anything on Amazon. You removed 2 of the most useful widgets (feedback and communications) and put up a bunch of useless widgets (at the top of course), which on my page are a big blank space because I do not have a pro account. So now, instead of being able to see immediately if I have a communication from a buyer so I can answer it right away, I have to go up to the top menu, select it, then see if there is a communication. I guess I am supposed to do that every hour? Same with feedback. Now I have to hunt for the place I can see my feedback, then go look at it at least daily, which means it will be more arduous to monitor.

It sure would be nice if you bothered to ask the people that use seller central everyday what they use or do not use before you remove or add major things to the page.