Amazon Removed my supplement listing


I was wondering if this happend to anyone. When I contact amazon i keep getting this same mesage "
we have increased our controls on new product listings for certain Personal Safety and Household products, such as disposable Face masks, Hand sanitizer, Disinfectant wipes and sprays, Isopropyl alcohol, gloves, Soap, Paper products, Thermometers, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Pulse oximeters, Over-the-counter medicines and supplements and related products."

I understand that the product is restricted but I cant get the option to apply for the health and household safety category. Now our products sitting in the amazon warehouse.

Oddly, a friend of mine can request to apply for this category while we get this message which states “you cant sell this in new condition…”

anyone else have this issue and found a work around,

please advice thanks


What was your item?


buckleys complete supplement


All sellers are not created equal.

Some have histories which allow them to apply for approval to sell specific gated items, others do not. Some sellers have histories which allow them instant approval for gated items.

If you have little history or a spotty history it may be what you are experiencing.