Amazon puts damaged products back to our inventory to be sold as new


I’ve received complaints from customers that they get scratched, cracked and sometimes burned products. It seems like the lazy fulfilment team doesn’t check for damages anymore before putting them (customer returns) back to be sold as new.

Which means competitors can now get someone to order a bunch of your products, damage them, and send them back as “customer returns” for a full refund, and damage your reputation.

What can I do?


Do you have this setting enabled?

For future shipments you need to apply an obvious seal so that when Billy the warehouse worker glances at a return he’ll go…opened, not new.


Yes I have that settings enabled, but Amazon cannot repair cracks and damages on the product itself.

The damage is pretty obvious. Does Amazon not inspect the product inside the packaging before putting it back to be sold as new?

If I have a seal/shrink-wrap, every opened returns will automatically be a loss to me? I do 100% FBA.