Amazon pulls all Whole Foods products from FBA sellers?


I watched a YouTube video and it was said that a few days after the completion of the Whole Foods purchase, Amazon pulled all Whole Foods products from any FBA seller listing those products on Amazon. Any truth to that?


Maybe so yet it’s done all day, every day. And that isn’t the topic of this thread. Just if anyone had heard if this was true. You two have no information on this. Ok, Thanks


What products with a Whole Foods Brand Name can a FBA seller buy wholesale and offer on amazon ?? None that I can find

I doubt they removed any products from FBA sellers - I think its more of Whole Foods Brand is sold direct to consumers and offers no chance for a FBA seller to buy them and have a real invoice.


Who says you have to buy wholesale? Do sellers wholesale from Walmart, etc? I ask ed if anyone knew if it was true.

And you’re right…Amazon would NEVER do that to their sellers…

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Amazon prefers sellers that purchase wholesale and are authorized by either the distributor or the manufacturer. Retail arbitrage is a dangerous model for this platform.


I don’t know what it was like before, but if you search for Whole Foods private label products you will see that they are all Prime Pantry, and sold by Amazon only. I just saw a few pages worth.


Its because of food counterfeiting like they just did with CDs and DVDs…lol


It’s done all day, every day. So are a million other things that aren’t allowed.

In this case, Amazon was in a position to notice and care, so they corrected the situation.

And yes, since the Whole Foods purchase, Amazon is making a splash about offering some of their items online exclusively for Prime Pantry. The specialness of that kind of falls flat if they are also allowing FBA sellers to arbitrage the stuff.


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especially in a gated category like grocery.


UPDATE: Apparently Amazon has reached out to those that were selling Whole Foods goods and will buy all the inventory from them at the retail price making good on the money the sellers would have made. That is a +1 for Amazon.


Please feel free to insult all of those posters that have a little more knowledge about selling on this platform than you do. I, for one, will simply sit back and watch while you struggle with your pending suspension.


The Cook Book?


Why would Amazon which has just lowered the prices at Whole Foods to combat its “Whole Paycheck” image allow the sale of overpriced retail arb Whole Foods product on its website?

Like most businesses Amazon recognizes the dangers of retail arb sellers to its brands and buyers.



The Chinese DO counterfeit food, and Baby Formula, and toothpaste, and cigarettes, and candy, and ANYTHING they can make a buck off of…

Counterfeit Dog Food has killed many pups and the counterfeit formula was found to contain benzine…


Hello TigerWares Unlimited,

It is true that third party sellers will no longer be able to sell the Whole Foods brands, which includes as many as 24 different brand names.

It is also true that any inventory currently in Amazon fulfillment centers will be credited for the replacement value, minus FBA fees.

We do have a path for sellers to follow if they are incorrectly impacted and their product is not associated with the Whole Foods brands. Please contact Seller Support if you need assistance.

I hope this helps clarify the situation.



isn’t that what i just said above? that it was because of counterfeiting?


Sellers are not being barred from Whole Foods, +because of+ counterfeits. Amazon now owns Whole Foods, thus the reason for the restriction imposed on 3P sellers.


Who has insulted anyone? I asked a question concerning the Whole Foods purchase and resulting seller-wide brand restrictions. No one had any answers. Only speculation. My question and update comes from the Reezy link I posted in the OP and a subsequent video. Any other backhanded insults, sir?

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