Amazon product images


Hey everyone, hoping to get some help here. I finally got my photos edited and uploaded into the product listing page and AMZ gives me this error:

“To fix the alert, upload an image that doesn’t show any text, logos, graphics, or watermarks but shows only a product photo.”

My main image is of the box (packaging) and the products next to it). Obviously the box and the products have “text” but they are part of the product itself.

There’s no watermarks on the picture.

They is some “shadowing” on the products - could that be the watermark that they’re referring to?

I emailed their support, but it really sucks and they don’t know how to explain so any help here would…help.


Remove the box.
The main image should be of the item ONLY.


Thank you. Curious, I’m noticing a bunch of my competitors upload their main image with the box - any idea why AMZ will allow them to do it and not me?