Amazon Prime shipping now 3 days


Actually, I’m glad to see that Amazon is changing the delivery dates to represent a more accurate delivery date. If an FBA item doesn’t get to the customer as promised, they can request a refund for a missed delivery date. One of the bad things about that is although it’s an FBA order, the “Seller” gets hit with a refund… In some cases, negative Seller Feedback, because the customer has no idea how the system works and who’s fault it was. Of course a Seller can always attempt to dispute, but it’s a process I’d rather not have to deal with, and I’m sure the customer feels the same. Again, I’m glad the dates are being changed to a realistic timeframe…


They are off, my inventory is on back order until 1/11/2020 CRAZYYYYYYYYYY


“bad hours and not enough pay” could also refer to Amazon. 60 hour mandatory work weeks is not the right way to treat your employee. This only leadsto a lack of productivity & low mora!l


I agree that it is refreshing for Amazon more accurately reflect shipping times.

However, the flip-side is this:


If the same shipping windows continue, FBA orders may get the dreaded “may not arrive before Christmas” message starting on 12/19.

That’ll make for an interesting shopping experience on Amazon.


For FBM Amazon is showing it could take 2 weeks before it gets there. :frowning:


Sure, but then what do I pay 120 a year to Amazon for?


Same thing here. Ordered yesterday and will not be delivered until Monday.


2-day shipping is not the same thing as 2-day delivery.


For FBM, we have some control over our delivery estimates by adjusting our handling times and shipping templates (prosellers)


Amazon Flex definitely sends drivers out on Sundays in our section of Ohio, so orders handled through Amazon Logistics (AMZL) should still be going out Sundays regardless of what happens with other carriers. Of course, not all areas have this service available.


It’s better than promising two day delivery on an order they know they won’t be able to fulfill that quick.


You should have seen my dock and trailers since monday

Full floor of fulfillment stacked 15 ft high and the dock lined with even more parts and trailers getting crammed full.

I even entered the Shipping selfie contest on ebay with me sitting in the middle on the boxes on the trailer


My food processor died Wednesday evening 11/27. Needed a replacement asap since I use it to make my pups home cooked diet, so on Thursday morning I started looking at my options. Amazon prime showed delivery wouldn’t be until Wednesday 12/4. Was same price at Walmart showing 2 day delivery by Tuesday. So went with Walmart and it actually arrived Sunday 12/1 via fedex. Any prime item that i’ve looked at starting last week is showing extended delivery times, not the usual 2 days.

(By the way, if anyone is shopping for a food processor, I bought the 14 cup Cuisinart and this thing is unbelievable! Worth every penny and pup approved!)


I noticed this too. Ordered more shipping labels on Monday which are usually delivered same day (warehouse is 15 mins from here). Said Thursday delivery. I was able to pay an extra $2.99 for Wed.
However, it arrived earlier than expected–Tues. at 6am.

I was also alerted by a customer that some product pages say delivery like Wed, but when you check out, it moves to Thurs. Checked several items I normally buy and noticed the same thing. The dates in the catalog don’t match the dates at checkout.


Order placed on Monday, delivered today. Order placed this afternoon is scheduled for Friday. We are in Florida, so I am guessing if there is a distribution center nearby that won’t be effected by weather transferring from one fulfillment center to another, they can make the 2-day delivery. At least for others it is letting you know it won’t show up in 2 days. When we recently had a hurricane en route, I bought a bunch of stuff on Amazon because of the 1-2 day promised delivery dates and it took a week before any of it actually showed up (of the things I didn’t just cancel when it wasn’t delivered and literally no longer needed, especially at the inflated prices I paid to get asap). The items were all sitting in one of their distribution centers in the same county, too… which was extremely annoying. :roll_eyes:


I just had the same thing. Minneapolis metro area.


Same here. i have freight sitting in Chicago hub since 11/27, was supposed to be a 2 day delivery. i was told that corporate told them to put everything on rail because of the backlog due to storm /holiday last week. its gonna be a nightmare. dont wait till the last minute people!!!


Well. Is like that.


It all depends on which warehouse it is currently stocked in or if it is in transit between warehouse. This is super common. Not really a big deal for me usually, I am not really picky on most items’ delivery time. Just always look at delivery dates before purchase if it is urgent.


Maybe the reason, is linked to Amazon announcing they had their biggest sale day ever int he entire company’s history on cyber monday, and it’s actually 17% more than last year YoY. g google the article it was very interesting. I also noticed FedEX, UPS are not able to deliver our packages and inventory on time, seems to me everyone is behind 1-2 days. Things are going to change in 2020.