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Hello everyone

Our company recently signed up with Amazon Pay to accept payments on our website.

So far it’s been a total disaster but we’re making progress. We like the ability to offer our customers convenient options to pay and Amazon Pay is a trust builder for our customers and we enjoy using the services. Seamless flow and integration so far. There was some trouble at the beginning setting up.

However, does anyone have any tips on dealing with Amazon pay customers? So far they seem to expect Amazon Prime shipping rates for free whenever they purchase.

We’re normally able to do that for them and do ship with 1 day handling time and 2-3 days USPS delivery but it was busy the past 2 weeks of course. And we had a few complaints, but only from Amazon pay customers.

Appreciate your feedback.



I’m getting an error code when I test the “Amazon Pay” button on website (pasted below). I don’t see an option for “web settings” in my Seller Central Account as it states. There is a field for my website URL under Account Info > Business Info > Amazon Pay & I have that filled in.

I can’t figure out what the problem is? I created an Amazon Pay account & have it enabled as a payment option in my Shopify shopping cart. The button works, but returns this error code which is what a customer would see.

Does it take a while for the Amazon Pay account to get processed/set up? Any ideas?

Edited slightly to mask personal business information:

" We’re sorry

The payment method that you chose isn’t available for this purchase. Please choose another.

Integration error summary

400 Bad Request
The redirect URI you provided has not been whitelisted for your application. Please add your redirect URI in the ‘Allowed Return URLs’ section under ‘Web Settings’ on the Amazon Seller Central App Console for Login with Amazon.

Error Summary

requested_scopes=[“payments:widget”, “payments:shipping_address”]
is_itp_request=true "


This is the response I got from Seller Support… not sure I understand, but it’s fixed!

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand you are contacting regarding an error that is showing up on your website.

I wanted to let you know that I have fix the issue. The problem was that on your application, you were having the Domain of the JavaScripts Origins on the Allowed Returns URLs. And you were missing the Return URls that the system was requesting you.

I have added that information missing and change the domain from the Returns to the JavaScript Origins. And check on your website to make sure that the button is working, and I was able to verified it.

To help us continually improve, we ask that you take a moment to complete our survey below to tell us about your experience with this specific interaction.

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hi Savanna,

Did you get it working?


Yes, fixed! :slight_smile: