Amazon Pay with Shopify Intregation


I have a Amaszon Seller central - It is integrated with Shopify for sales but when I try to set up my Amazon pay on Shopify It asks me all of the questions including the name of my store. When I enter my store name it says it is taken. I have watched the video on how to sign up. I have start by signing into Amazon seller central.

Why does it not pull my information over or all me to connect to the store I have set up?


Are you going to Settings, My Services and adding Amazon Pay?


I am in the Setting add payments


Did you have any luck here? I collected $14K worth of payments through Amazon Pay for my Shopify store, before realizing I never got paid out through Shopify, and now am scrambling to get into the account so I can report taxes for 2020. I had a help case created and then magically closed and dropped. Now they are saying they are going to close my account, and I haven’t been able to reach anyone who will help. Any insight into how you got your account set up would be much appreciated!


@CWP1 Why would you add a payment solution and not check on it to be sure it is working?