Amazon Pay Transactions can't be found


We have an existing Seller Central Account. We sell on Amazon both FBM and FBA. We recently set up Amazon Pay on our Shopify account.

Everything was set up and added no problem. We ran a couple test transactions but can’t find them. We are reading the Amazon Pay help docs they say you can go to Reports > Payments, but nothing shows up there. Then it also says you can go to Orders > Manage Transactions. There is no such section. We have Orders > Manage Orders, but no manage transactions. In our account permissions we have a new permission to manage Amazon Pay refunds so it appears to be available somewhere, but we can’t find it anywhere.

Does anyone know what we are missing?


Found the solution. There is a drop down at the top by the username, have to change to “Amazon Pay” instead of the default view. Then everything shows up.