Amazon Pay NOT releasing funds


On December 22, 2020 Amazon Pay deactivated my account with no warning and no reason given other than I violated their policy. Ironically my account health is and has always been 100%. After going back and forth with their completely unreasonable email system (no phone calls allowed), I have been told that I can no longer use Amazon Pay. This is totally fine with me, because with their horrible customer support and lack of business ethics I would never want to use Amazon Pay as a payment gateway ever again. But what I do want is my funds that they have put a hold on for 90 days. All of my customers orders were fulfilled at the time of order months ago, but Amazon Pay is refusing to release my funds. We are now at 95 days and Amazon Pay continues to tell me that I have to wait 90 days. Has anyone experienced this insanity with Amazon Pay? And if so how did you come to a resolution?


Seems like a reason was given. If you want help here, be specific as to what you were told in your suspension notification so people can point you to the correct Plan of Action (POA).


They were never specific in what the reason was. After several emails with them, I kind of figured out what I believe that they were calling a violation and that was that I had a product listed on my website as “temporarily out of stock” and allowed customers to “pre-order” if they choose. No different than what Amazon allows on their website. I did everything that I could to try and confirm with Amazon Pay that this was the problem that they were using as a reason to deactivate my account and they still would not confirm that this was the problem. Instead they responded with I can “No longer use Amazon Pay”. This all started with out warning on December 22, 2020 when they told me that a 90 hold was placed on my funds. All orders were fulfilled months ago and the 90 day hold period has elapsed. When contacting Amazon Pay I am told that I have to wait 90 days. It’s like a dog chasing its tail. I just want MY money and to move on.


So did you submit a POA yet?


I did based on what I thought that they were referring to as to what the violation was. No matter what I submitted, or how much I tried to communicate with them I continue to get the run around. One message from them will say that I can NEVER use Amazon Pay again, while the next message will say to provide more information (POA), then next will say that my account is deactivated and I can’t use Amazon Pay, and on and on with this crazy rinse and repeat. I had been using Amazon Pay for 2 years with out issue. This caught me off guard and I’m at a loss at this point. As I said before, I just want my money. I do not want to use Amazon Pay ever again.