Amazon Pay deactivation appeal: Amazon's response makes no sense


Our Amazon Pay account was deactivated. In the deactivation notice, Amazon stated:

If you would like to appeal this decision, click the “Appeal” button on the “Notifications” page in the “Performance” section of your Seller Central account:

This is precisely what we did. Nothing more, nothing less. Several hours later, we received this response from Amazon:

Since we did not send any emails to any Amazon email addresses regarding this appeal, this response makes zero sense.

We reached out to Seller Health for support, they created a ticket for us (ID 8017808001). This case was transferred on Feb 20 (5 days ago now) and we have heard nothing back. Please advise.


I just received a similar deactivation notice for an account that I cannot recover $14K from, yet when I log in and click the appeal button, the case appears to have disappeared. Did you ever get this resolved, or did anyone reach out to you? I’m getting nervous as I need the numbers to report on taxes… Any info appreciated.


I am having the same issue and getting zero responses. Amazon is holding $12k hostage and also not telling me when funds are released or allowing me to provide and refunds or adjustments to customers.


I am having the same issue. Amazon deactivated my account on December 22, 2020 for a violation, however they refuse to tell me what the violation is/was. My account has always been in 100% health and remains that way to this day. I have appealed several times and tried every avenue that I can think of and nothing. I get very vague responses from Amazon Pay and nothing more. They told me in the original email that they were putting a hold on all of my funds for 90 days. All customer orders were fulfilled months ago without issue. It has now been 105 days and still nothing. What Amazon Pay is doing is criminal. They do not have the right to keep money for orders that I fulfilled on my website. This is outrageous.