Amazon pay account suspended no response to appeal


I signed up for amazon pay back in 2016 to use on my Bonanza store, The account was suspended in 2017 citing…

"Hello from Amazon Pay.
We have closed your Amazon Pay account, cancelled any pending transactions, and placed a temporary hold on any funds in your account. Any new accounts you open will be closed.

We took these actions because your website BonanzaXXXXXXXXXXXXX" may be in violation of our Acceptable Use policy. This policy prohibits the use of our payment service for any transactions involving alcohol, including sales of wine, beer, and liquor conducted over the Internet or mail order."

This is the product that triggered the suspension

As you can see by the link above this same item is on sale on amazon’s own website. I simply had no idea that it was considered an alcoholic substance. At the time I received the suspension letter I did not attempt to appeal Amazon’s decision since Amazon payments was just an option I had on my site alongside my main payment processor. In June of last year, I decided to attempt to appeal the suspension since looking back I was wondering if I was suspended in error since as I mentioned above —the product that my amazon pay account was suspended for selling on my site is being sold on amazon.

It has been over six months now and so far I have not received a reply back. Is this normal? or could it be because I took so long to respond and appeal the account closure? Any suggestions as to wether I should follow up with amazon’s team on the status of the appeal. I have heard that It is not a good idea to send multiple emails so I have avoided doing that but since it has been over 6 months with zero response I am pondering if I should send another email. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.