Amazon Pay Account Suspended and I have no idea why


Last week, I received a generic email from Amazon Pay suspending our Amazon Pay account and I have no idea why. The email we received from Amazon gave us absolutely no details whatsoever.

I reached out to Tawnie, whom was Amazon Pay account manager, and received an auto-response that she was out of on maternity leave. I contacted Stephen, the person referenced in our auto-response, and he was not able to assist me. He also told me that as of January 1st, I no longer had an account Manager and I have no idea why.

Here is the email. As you can see, it is completely devoid of any information whatsoever.

Our company has used Amazon Pay for many years, has certainly done 7-figures in transactions over that time and our metrics are perfect. Below is a screenshot showing our metrics as of this morning (3/30/20)

If I’ve done something wrong, I would like the opportunity to fix it. But I received no warning, no information about it and the last email I sent shows up as “our case cannot be reopened”.

Anyone have any guidance?


That was not the first email they sent you. It says in the first email.

What are you selling?


This WAS the first email they sent us…

We sell Chess Equipment. Nothing but Chess Equipment through our website.

Here’s the screenshot showing we’ve been deactivited.


They found something they didn’t like. Don’t know what to tell you. Sorry


Thank you for your trying. I guess I’ll just email jeff@amazon and hope for a hail mary.


Can’t hurt at this point


Just switch to another payment processor. You’ll be back up and running in minuts.


We already do accept all credit cards and PayPal. But we like having the option of Amazon Pay since people are (rightfully) paranoid about their data.


hello sir,

Was this resolved?


Yes it was. We were able to guess what the issue was - the fact we sold items made out of camel bone - and resolve the issue. So this thread can be closed. Can I close it or will it automatically close?


Closing this topic as requested by the OP (original poster).


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