Amazon Pay Account Deactivated for NO Reason


I received an email from Amazon stating that my Amazon Pay account has been deactivated and that they have put a hold on any funds in my account. Amazon does not provide any reason what so ever as to why they deactivated my account other than I "may have pre-charged a buyer for a purchase before you have fulfilled their orders. This does NOT make any sense to me. I have offered Amazon Pay as a payment option at checkout on my website for a couple of years. Customers have the option to pay for their order via Credit Card, PayPal, or Amazon Pay. Upon check out, I ship the order and all is well. My Amazon Seller account and Amazon Pay account are both in PERFECT standing and again, NO reason for deactivation was given. They state in the email that I need to provide them with a detailed plan with steps I will take to comply with their User Agreement and Policies in the future. How can I provide them with this plan, if they won’t tell me what the problem is? I have emailed Amazon Pay and they replied with the very same boiler plate email as the the original. This is insane. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I have a similar issue.

Amazon pay restricted, no explanation of what was in violation of the AUP or how I could rectify that.
And now no response when I try to justify or explain my position.

Has anyone gotten back to you?


Unfortunately I have gone in circles with them to the point that there hasn’t been any resolution and I get told that they have decided that I can no longer use Amazon Pay in one email, but then the next email they tell me to provide them with a detailed outline as to how I plan to fix the problem moving forward and to prevent it from ever happening again in the future. Yet they ask for this detail, but refuse to explain to me what I have violated. After going round and round, I have decided to no longer play their game and am going to wait the 90 days in hopes that they release my funds that they are holding ransom for no reason. It’s one thing if they want to refuse to help resolve the issue and to suspend my account. But it’s another to hold my funds when I’ve already fulfilled my customers orders.

Good luck!