Amazon Overestimates Delivery Time


I recently found out that Amazon overestimates delivery time for Seller Fulfilled Items both on the listing and on the order status page to be between 5 to 10 days for Standard or Expedited delivery and 5 days for 2nd Day delivery option. It discourages buyers to buy Sellers Fulfilled items in favor of Amazon Fulfilled items.
The maximum delivery time for First Class USPS package is 5 business days and Priority Mail 4 Days within the continental USA and it is true for the continental USA. Such overestimate by Amazon triggers unfair Return Requests with the Reason of Not Delivered On Time even on the same day of shipment. I would like to complain that Amazon provides 5 days delivery time for a 2nd Day delivery option - I received recently some inquires about it and unjustified Return requests because of these overestimate.


Sometimes, Amazon does this if a significant percentage of your items arrive late.


USPS is consistently estimating an extra day on all of my First Class Parcel Shipments.

Amazon is adding to that USPS estimate.

Lots of sellers have complained about buyers filing and winning A-Z claims and winning when shipping delays have made them miss the delivery estimate.

There is nothing Amazon could do which would please all of the sellers.


Yes, this has been a problem for many sellers for the last 14 months.

The general consensus on how to best combat it appears to be to increase one’s Handling Time - which opens up a different can of worms.


I can prove that my items do not arrive late and in maximum of 5 business days (except December) for FIRST Class. Amazon’s artificial intelligence and computerized reporting is not accurate.

It is embarrassing when a buyer opens Return Authorization Request for Lateness on a day of shipment. Do I need to refund a buyer or wait for the item to be delivered and then returned?


All FBM sellers have this issue.


I would be waiting for the return. If you refund before the return, the buyer does not have much of an incentive to return your product.
Unless the item is perhaps under $10 and/or your actual cost of the item is less or equal to the cost of the return shipping or somewhere in that range.