AMAZON overcharges purposely FBA FEEs recently, go after them


Hi all,

unfortunately I realized AMAZON overcharging the FBA fees in recent days and so far I have complained to them and they fixed one by one in lengthy matter.
When the item was enrolled in FBA it had initially a proper fees showing, but after a while I realized that I got charged extra and then realized that the fees were changed, after recalculating the fees I made a complain to AMAZON seller support, they tried to manipulated but the issue adjusted for few and a few left and still working on them, they gave me excuse that they could not reimburse the previous orders for unreasonable excuses:

1- they said they could not figure out which one was overcharged, very wrong, you can easily get the transaction report and sort them out to see which one is overcharged, I did and sent them the list, shame !
2- they said AMAZON has already paid for extra charge on shipping of some of orders so their accountant cannot accept to reimburse !!!, which is meaningless, the AMAZON policy dictates how to calculate FBA fees, so when a seller agrees to policy to pay based on the fee chart then they have to charge in the same way, if AMAZON wants to ship at higher cost then that’s their call not from my pocket.
3- the funny part is that they asked me to give them the list of transactions, it is our fault that we trusted them and they take advantage, so I got the list and forwarded to them from their own system, and they reimbursed for those, but no respect for our time ! we pay for FBA fees, they overcharge and then they put work on us to fix them.

Please check the FBA fees in your inventory and go after the overcharges, any issue contact me.
This is wrongdoing that they take advantage of our trust.


Welcome to “life” on the FBA platform.

You’re just scratching the surface. If you dig down under covers, and follow some of their “nasty” little tricks, you’ll find out just how many “scams” they run on FBA sellers.



give me two more hints to go after them.


Here are three:

Refunds vs. Returns

Lost and Damaged Inventory

Damaged Inventory not Returned

I’ve recovered over $10,000, and I’m a small seller.



Happens all the time. Our system…

  1. notice overcharged (based on dimensions being changed making ASIN oversized instead of standard sized)
  2. request a cubiscan (and provide approx dimensions)
  3. create a new case requesting reimbursement for over charges. We list the amount of the over charge and all order #s affected.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Last request only took 36 hours to approve.



Every month or so they try to jack up an FBA fee.

We tell them they’re wrong and request a cubiscan.

They’re always wrong, so the cubiscan proves they’ve been overcharging us.

They put the price back to what it should be, and request us to send us a list of every order that was overcharged before they’ll reimburse us.

We waste a bunch of time, and eventually they reimburse us.

By the time we get the reimbursement, they’ve already incorrectly raised the fee of another product.

Rinse and repeat.

Welcome to Amazon FBA.


Hi Charlie1983,
Have you had any luck with reimbursements of overcharges that go several years back? I am trying to get them to pay but they are talking about 3- month window… And refuse to reimburse for overcharges that happened in 2017/2018. Just wondering if there is a trick of some kind.
Thank you!

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