Amazon Opens A-Z Claim Automatically After 3 Days Without Customer Action?


TLDR: Customer did have a problem with an order, but accepted a resolution of a partial refund. Four days later, an A-Z claim was opened (by Amazon customer service) for the remaining amount and the customer says they don’t know anything about it, is happy with the partial refund, and wants to keep the item.


9/12 - Customer contacts customer service about an FBM order, who forwards their message to us.

We reply to the message. The customer shares a photo of the problem (cosmetic shipping damage that does not affect the functionality or value of the product), and we inform the customer that we can issue them a $10 partial refund, or they can return the product for a full refund or replacement.

The customer agrees to accept the $10 partial refund with the message “Thank you very much for the feedback. I will take the partial refund of $10 that you suggested. Thank you very much.”

The partial refund is issued.

9/16 - An A-Z claim is received for the remaining unrefunded amount.

Claim reason: “Package didn’t arrive”
Customer comment: “the item arrive [damaged], the cx is requesting for a refund”

I replied to the existing buyer-seller message thread as follows:

Today, we received a notification from Amazon that you were experiencing a problem with this order. We previously sent you a partial refund of $10 and you agreed that this was satisfactory.

Did you instead want to return the item for a replacement or a refund of the full amount?

Please let us know and we will do our best to assist you in getting this resolved quickly.

Customer Response:

I agreed to the $10 refund and was happy with that. I’m not sure about what Amazon did? I want to keep the product.

I’m baffled as to what is going on. I don’t sell products that induce much fraud; they are meant for technical/hobby applications and I have built outstanding relationships with my buyers over the last 8 years on Amazon.

So assuming the buyer is being honest, what could be causing this? Does Amazon have internal tools to automatically open a claim if the full amount is not refunded after 3 days when a customer contacts AZ Customer Service about an issue that may be eligible for a claim? That is what seems to be happening.


This reads like the buyer called Amazon. Did you use Amazon’s Buy Shipping? The reason is INR (Item Not Received). Amazon would normally only look at that issue.

Any chance you are paying for Customer Service By Amazon?


Hello @a-n-t,

Desi from Amazon here to assist.

I understand that you have received an a-z claim for an order that you previously resolved with the buyer via our messaging system.

What is the current status of the claim? If it is currently under review you can ask the buyer to go ahead and cancel it since you have been in communication. Steps to cancel the claim can be found here.

A customer service representative can file an z-to-z claim on a buyer’s behalf, however in the forums community we cannot determine if a claim was automatically opened upon customer contact.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. We are looking forward to assisting you.




The claim is “under review.”

I don’t feel comfortable contacting the customer again to ask them to close the claim. As an Amazon customer, I would be personally annoyed if an Amazon seller asked this of me. I may even be suspicious that the seller was acting inappropriately or asking me to do something wrong.

The buyer’s responsibility for taking action on the order ended when they received a satisfactory resolution to the problem they experienced with the order, and they should not be asked to intervene to correct for Amazon’s mistake.


I agree with you