Amazon not approving ANY developer access keys at this time


We have been developing a software for marketplace sellers so that they can manage all marketplace operations from one centralized web based platform such as inventory, order and listing management and our customers require order fulfillment as well. We have been granted full developer account for all other marketplaces except Amazon. We have received the following message for our MWS application for order fulfillment.

“At this time, we are not approving the use of PII for new applications or functionality. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and we will communicate if and when this changes. You have been granted non-PII MWS access based on the information you provided. Please review the attached document to understand the type of data that is available to you.”

Our customers are very frustrated that they can not fulfill orders through our software because we can not get address data from Amazon orders. We only need shipping address for creating shipping labels.

Our application runs on Amazon cloud and we implemented all security protocols that Amazon requires for MWS access but we still did not get approval for PII. We were only granted a general role access without any PII data. Our three years of work for developing this software would be wasted without order fulfillment feature.

We would appreciate any help or comments about how to fix this issue.


Sorry but there is no fix unless you can appeal to to intervene.

You should have gotten the approval before developing.


My wild wild guess is that you answered the protection of information questions with answers that yield this result. I am a retired cyber security engineer, so I knew which answer(s) should not be selected. They are rightly worried about how you get, use and secure the customer PII as they have to TRUST your security in their privacy statement. You may well be doing the right things, just make sure that you declare them correctly. Just a wild guess, I have no idea.


My guess is that too many people found it easy to take the assessment like a test, without worrying much about how their actual environment corresponded to it. (or by grossly changing the definitions of things to kinda fit) Amazon backed quite a few developers into a corner with little or no notice, and then went with the honor system. Their answer is to stop everyone from getting new access to PII.

Amazon has a long history of fixing little things like this with a hammer.

Developers on Amazon need to understand that Amazon can/will without notice wreck havoc on 3rd party software businesses. (just ask the repricer people, the auto-review emailers, the 3rd party label formatters, any open source publishers, most on-site customizers and integrators, etc.)


In my experience, most hammer solutions come from the corner office occupier walking into an in-progress meeting and telling a room full of engineers what the solution will be, then leaving just as fast.