Amazon MWS-US ListOrders API responses BuyerName field


As of 2019-07-24 at 4pm EDT the ListOrders API is not returning Buyername, Address/Name, or the Address/AddressLine1 fields. It is kind of hard to ship an order if you do not have the name or address.

I understand the interest in getting rid of PII but what happens when a person calls us with a product question for an order older than 30 days. It will be kind of hard to provide customer service if we have no way of linking that person with their order.


I’m seeing the same thing.

"ShippingAddress": {
    "Name": null,
    "AddressLine1": null,
    "AddressLine2": null,
    "AddressLine3": null,
    "City": "SAN JOSE",
    "County": null,
    "District": null,
    "StateOrRegion": "CA",
    "PostalCode": "95125-2656",
    "CountryCode": "US",
    "Phone": null


You will have to look them up via Seller Central. Your other option would be to have a 3rd party developer who has PII privileges to access your data on your behalf.