Amazon MWS supports Global Express orders in the US


What is changing?

We have updated the Orders and Merchant Fulfillment API sections to support the fulfillment of Global Express orders.

Orders API

The ListOrders and GetOrder operations now include the IsGlobalExpressEnabled flag in each order in the response, indicating whether the orders were generated through the Global Express program. When an order is a Global Express order the IsGlobalExpressEnabled flag is set to true.

Merchant Fulfillment API

The CreateShipment operation now includes the ItemWeight and ItemDescription request parameters. These optional parameters are required only when purchasing international shipping labels.

Order reports

We updated two order reports for the Global Express program. You can request these reports using the Reports API section.

Here are the updated reports:

  • Scheduled XML Order Report (_GET_ORDERS_DATA_)

    New element: IsGlobalExpress

  • Unshipped Orders Report (_GET_FLAT_FILE_ACTIONABLE_ORDER_DATA_)

    New field: is-global-express

  • Requested or Scheduled Flat File Order Report (GET_FLAT_FILE_ORDERS_DATA)

    New field: is-global-express

Which marketplaces are affected?

This change applies to the US marketplace.

Who is affected?

Developers who want to include Global Express orders in their order management applications are affected by these changes.

What action is required?

If you have an application that is affected by these changes, be sure update your application workflow to accommodate Global Express orders. For example, you should:

  • Expose the IsGlobalExpressEnabled flag with each order so sellers can see which orders are Global Express orders.
  • Enable sellers to specify ItemWeight and ItemDescription so they can purchase international shipping labels.

We have updated the client libraries for the Orders API section to version 2020-02-03 and for the Merchant Fulfillment API section to version 2020-02-06. You only need to download the new client libraries if you want to use the new functionality.

The updated client libraries are available today in three languages.

Orders API

Merchant Fulfillment API

For more information

For more information about the Global Express program, see Global Express in the Seller Central help.

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