Amazon MWS-EU ListOrders and GetOder API responses BuyerName field


We are using Amazon MWS-EU services in our application. But since 17.06.2019 we can not get BuyerName field in response ofr ListOrders and GetOder requests under Orders API section.
Also in scratchpad of EU we can not see anything about BuyerName field. But if we look at scratchpad of US we can see the BuyerName field in responses.
Has anything changed in the GetOrder and ListOrders API response fields of Amazon MWS-EU?

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Amazon implemented some changes based on their Developer Survey. Depending on your response they may have removed PII (“Personally Identifiable Information”).


Amazon handled this changeover HORRIBLY.

Did anyone else actually get any kind of message saying they had lost access to anything. I didn’t see anything of the sort.

It’s a massive burden for a small company such as ourselves that just wants to print shipping labels!

For instance they need an incident response plan worthy of a Fortune 500 company!

How does your incident response plan address:

  1. What to do in case your servers/databases are hacked?
  2. What to do in case an unauthorized access to customer data is detected?
  3. Who to contact in case of an incident and what steps to follow?
  4. What to do in case your servers leaked Amazon Information?
  5. How to reach out to Amazon to inform them of the incident?

That is some SERIOUS technical undertaking there.

I don’t want to just lie. I have password lockout and that’s about it.