Amazon MWS Developer shut down


I went through the “VERY PAINFUL” process of developing an Amazon MWS API application and deployed it to active clients so they could forfill their orders using my shipping application which purchases shipping from Amazon and updates Amazon orders as shipped.

Out of the blue Amazon sends me a e-mail saying sorry we are no approving applications that access PII information and terminated my access the very same day. My customers are VERY upset.

How can my customers get an MWS Access Key so I can use it instead of our developer key to access their data?

I’m at a loss and have now idea how to fix this. The amazon letter left me no recorse just a blunt your terminated.


Amazon not respinding to Case Log

They can apply and go through the same requisites as everyone.

Registering to use Amazon MWS - Registering as a developer

I suspect though that the issue is with your app and how it handles PII data. So just getting keys, which means they all have to pass the requirements, will not be easy.

I suggest you find the issue on your end, fix it and ask Amazon to reinstate your keys.



Hi Rob, Thanks for replying. Amazon did not give any reason other than they are not approving any new applications that access PII information. That pretty much kills hundreds of hours of work and my clients can not use my application.

Here’s the e-mail I received:


You have indicated that you require Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to build Tax or Merchant Fulfillment application publicly available to sellers. At this time, we are not approving the use of PII for new applications or functionality. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and we will communicate if and when this changes.

You have been granted non-PII MWS access based on the information you provided. Please review the attached document to understand the type of data that is available to you.

You can access your MWS access keys at any time on the User Permissions page in Seller Central:
You may find it helpful to review our Frequently Asked Questions:

As a next step, all applications offered to Amazon sellers are required to be listed in our Marketplace Appstore. The Appstore is a one-stop shop for Sellers to discover quality applications to help them automate, manage, and grow their business. If your application has not gone through the Marketplace Appstore listing process, please follow this link to complete the submission form:

To see the file named ‘Amazon MWS General Role.pdf’ included with this correspondence, please use the Seller Central case link given below the signature.

Tha’s it nothing more.

Any ideas?


Sorry, but I do not have any ideas.

I’m moving this over to the MWS Forums though as someone else might have one.



Hey there, I received the exact same email, word for word. This is a very frustrating situation. We have several customers “stuck” unable to process their seller fulfilled orders and are being required to hand key orders into our fulfillment system. As Amazon is no longer providing PII access to 3rd party developers, we are requiring our customers to apply for their OWN developer access to their OWN merchant accounts, and 2 of them have done so and have been waiting for more than 30 days for a reply to their application case. I don’t know why Amazon would make it so difficult to assist their own sellers in shipping their Amazon orders – seems like a backwards way of thinking.
Our application properly handles encryption/protection, removal of PII after 30 days as part of the data retention policy, and has an appropriate incident response plan.
if anyone has any ideas…



Please let us know if you submitted an application to keep your developer ID (or for a new developer ID) anytime during late 2018 or 2019? If yes, please let us know the date you submitted that.

It is my current understanding it is not allowed for your customers to use their own developer ID in software you are responsible for. I expect your customers would not get approved for that. If you gave your customers the source code, if they run it locally so that you never touch the Amazon data, and each of your customers became responsible for their own copy of the source code (aka the software is their own), then it is my current understanding they would be allowed to use their own Developer ID in the software.

It I could be there are so many existing applications for PII that Amazon hasn’t finished processing, that they are not taking new applications until they catch up.

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle Washington USA


Hi David,

My development started in 2018. That’s when I applied to be a developer. Went through the entire process and received my access key as developer. My clients were using my software with my developer key. Then I received that e-mail terminating my PII access. No reason other then we are not approving PII developers. I was finished and using my key. I have no idea what to tell my clients. They are VERY upset with me but mostly at Amazon.


Can someone from Amazon MWS chime in here and let me know what is going on?


Thanks for answering my questions. We don’t often get answers to specific cases from official amazon sources here. Many of us are trying to figure out how the Amazon rules apply in various specific situations.

Can you let us know if your software is running on-premise at the client site? If yes, can you let us know if your developer AWS Access Key and developer Secret key is embedded in the software running on-premise on the client site?

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle Washington USA


Hi David,

Yes my software is running on-premise at client site. and yes my AWS access key and secret key are on client site. All behind a firewall and encripted with no chance of anyone getting access to them.


This could have caused the problem. It is against policy to share your MWS keys. In addition, Amazon only gives access to PII data on systems that meet their requirements. Your clients did not go through the MWS interview so Amazon does not know what type of system they are using to access the data and if that system meets their requirements.


I don’t share my MWS keys… My product is hosted on the clients server behind firewalls and encripted. This is in line with Amazon policy.


From my own reading of the rules it would seem there is room for an encrypted copy of the secret key to be on the client’s computer since it is not the secret key itself that is being shared with the client. But in the end, you must unencrypted the secret key at the client site before it can be included in the Amazon MWS call.

I am in touch with a number of developers trying to get through the developer approval process using various designs. One company trying to get their on-premise application approved received these comments from Amazon during their approval process:

“Based on our AUP and DPP by sharing your keys to other seller is violating the rules…” and also “API calls should be made…not directly from the seller’s machine.”

My current understanding is that Amazon is not allowing on-premise applications developed by 3rd parties to directly call MWS from the seller site. As a result, some developer are adjusting the design of their apps so the on-premise module calls the developers server, then developer’s server calls MWS after adding the secret key.

I don’t know if your design is the reason Amazon turned off PII for your developer ID. However, I think it could be, so that is the reason I was asking the questions.

It also may be that Amazon has such a large backlog of applications, they just can’t process them all in a reasonable amount of time, so they are putting a hold on things until they get caught up.

You can read here the FAQ #12 about how to appeal:

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle Wasington USA

Amazon not approving ANY developer access keys at this time

No sure what to say or do here. I already had a product key and my system was in use for 5 months. Then I get the e-mail saying PII have been restricted because we are not approving new applications.

That statement: “We are not approving ANY PII developers at this time” should be a HUGH red flag for ALL developers that are apply for an developer key. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!


This is extracted from there email:

“At this time, we are not approving the use of PII for new applications or functionality”

That pretty much tells me it’s for ALL developers that are applying for dev keys. Not just me!


Amazon apologizing for disabling my product and tuned back on my key.
Not sure everyone will have this experience but it worked out for me “so far”.


Great news! Thanks for letting us know.

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle Washington USA


David: Thanks for your thoughtful replies to help this guy. I see you did this a lot on the forum and it’s incredibly helpful and just wanted to give you a virtual high five!