Amazon messed up this ABH recall


Someone at Amazon really messed this one up. Last week I noticed a few of our products were taken offline, no notice or emails sent. I called seller Support and asked them about it and was told it was due to the ABH recall. I provided them documentation showing them that my products weren’t manufactured there and ask them to hold of any further action against my other products until they verify my evidence. They said they would investigate. Over the next 3 days they continued removing all of our products and started sending customers over 3 years ago emails for refunds Even though we informed them of the mistake and provided documentation. There’s now over $30,000 in refunds for products that were mislabeled as recalled. After a frantic few days of speaking to everyone I could at Amazon, they said they would reinstate my products only when we fully remove our inventory. So now, we’re left with no products online, I have to pay to remove over 4000 bottles of safe product and I now over 30 grand to Amazon for nothing we did wrong. And best of all the refunds haven’t stopped nor will they do anything about it… I’m hoping someone in Amazon actually cares about it’s sellers…



Sorry to hear that, you will unfortunately notice the refunds coming in over the next few days. They won’t inform you about it but the refunds will start. We were flooded with loyal customers asking us directly and when we explained, they were mostly angry at Amazon for spreading false information…

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