Amazon manipulating search results to favour certain sellers :(


Because when you don’t use a prime account to order you do not get the advantage of Prime shipping. Shipping dates for you are calculated on standard shipping times which vary greatly. Amazon will actually wait to ship a non-prime order so it doesn’t arrive at Prime speed.

You only get Same, Next or 2nd Day shipping if you have a Prime account. Otherwise you have the option to pay extra for it at checkout. The dates displayed to you reflect all that.


Thank you for responding :slight_smile:.

I totally understand your point. However my point is:

Product A and B both are Prime eligible and both have 1 day delivery option with extra payment (as you said), it is clearly shown on the product page.

When you do a search for keyword XYZ on Amazon both product show on 1st page of the result page.

However ON search result page, Product A shows it can be delivered in 1 day while Product B shows it will be delivered in 4 days. So most customers will definitely click on Product A instead of Product B.

Now even I am viewing this with a non-prime account then both products should show same delivery timelines, right? or is it not.


No. If the item is in California and the buyer is in Florida it will take longer to deliver than if the item and the buyer are both in California. If one item is in California and the other is in Florida different delivery dates will be displayed to the buyer (you).

Only if you have a Prime account will the shipping times be the same.


That sounds a little naive (or maybe I am confusing your tone.) Such a big company runs many mutliple algorithms (and multiple glitches occur. )
Maybe not certain sellers. Maybe certain types of sellers.


How does that happen?


I have to agree with good_times_6007, far too complex a system to just favor certain companies. I can’t buy into all of this conspiracy chatter. Amazon is a big ship with lots of moving parts.


I think Redwing makes a good point about your inventory placement and it could play a part in this mixing of the delivery times, but I also see your concerns with the mixed message Amazon is sending from one ship time in the search and a much faster ship time on the detail page. Have you tried sending more inventory to cover more area and that way you’ll have product closer to all buyers? I would give it a shot if the product is moving, even at a moderate speed.


It is not manipulation.
Its their site, their buyers, it is up to them to decide what seller would be best for buyer.


Some sellers pay for advertising to push there products. If you can afford $20 a day to advertise then do it


I put this out a while back in a different thread but I’ll post it again. You are clearly confusing what Amazon has for a “search” and what a REAL “search engine” is. I’m removing some things to shorten the bottom line --:

At least when I type a UPC Code into eBay I actually GET the product that I was looking for. That is, of course, with the exception of those listing pirates that put the wrong UPC Code in to manipulate the search function. I report EVERY ONE of those that I find since they knock mu listings down the line someplace.

…Lake and the others that say it is a system designed to promote and sell AMAZON goods.

What I have an issue with is that we have ALL been AMAZONED and gotten really sloppy and imprecise in the terms we use some times.

Since I am just a BIT anal retentive (you have to love Freud sometimes) here is the definition of “search engine” from Merriam-Webster:
" Definition of search engine

: computer software used to search data (such as text or a database) for specified information also : a site on the World Wide Web that uses such software to locate key words in other sites"

And then we also have the definition of search engine from techopedia:
"Definition - What does Search Engine mean?

Search engine is a service that allows Internet users to search for content via the World Wide Web (WWW). A user enters keywords or key phrases into a search engine and receives a list of Web content results in the form of websites, images, videos or other online data.

The list of content returned via a search engine to a user is known as a search engine results page (SERP)."

HOPEFULLY there is not a single person here who will claim that the Amazon “search” box is actually delivering the above DEFINED results. …

How about if we all STOP calling it a “search” function and call a spade a spade. It is NOTHING more than a SALES ENGINE. Nothing more, nothing less.

Well, except for the frustration part which is an Amazon add-on item…

So, FORGET calling it a SEARCH FUNCTION. It IS NOT such a thing. SALES ENGINE for what Amazon wants to push to all the Amazon junkies shopping on here…


I find the same thing. It seems my sales stagnant, but, when I add new listings, all of a sudden I have sales again.


Not me. I say it is a system designed to make a sale more likely and minimize after order problems. I have no reason to believe it is solely biased to sell Amazon goods, though a buyer is far more likely to be want to buy a product sold and fulfilled by Amazon than a product from a 3P seller.

No one promises a level playing field. Recruited sellers have claimed to get elevated search placement for a time as part of their recruitment package.

We all know that their is an advantage in the buy box for FBA sellers.

Amazon periodically announces a deal with a major manufacturer which includes specified and unspecified advantages.

The A9 search is the best piece of AI on the platform. And I say that knowing many of its limitations.

You are absolutely correct in labeling it a Sales Engine, and it may be the finest on the Internet.


They favor certain sellers it’s why I’m closing my account Dec 31 2019 1159 pm . Search results, advertising, reviews, Amazon s choice, product ranking.All the fees and this is what you get in return . See ya!


You got my concern.

Yes I have the number of units suggested by amazon to offer 1 Day delivery.


The reason is not manipulation. The reason is your location vs what FC your product is in. If your units are in CA and you are in MA, the delivery will will take much longer, compared to in you were in NV. The site calculates the delivery time based on this.


Yup, Redwing, you are 100% correct. Amazon geotargets all buyers. The explanation here is the inventory in the closet DC to the searcher is out of stock with inventory most likely being transferred to it. I have experienced this exact scenario multiple times. There is no favoring or conspiracies on Amazon. Amazon has it’s own brands in certain categories and I don’t see any favoritism there either. Those items rank in search by rank and have those same unfair BS customer reviews that none of us can get removed no matter what on their listings. To succeed here you need to have a great product favorably priced. It’s a 24/7 job that requires hard work and critical thinking about what to change / adjust / promote to get your listing moving. Good luck out there to all my fellow Sellers.


hard to say ‘disappointed’, not sure that is the right word to use
for some business that use you for a few cents to make Billions.

once you realize they are in it for themselves, you start looking for a different word than that

maybe ‘disgusted’ is the right word


Every buyer sees something different, depending on their location, what they’re ordering, and where the units are located across the FC’s.


I am not in the least being naive. Amazon powers that be never get together and say that today Matt Black, Moonwishes and Lake will get the shaft. Glitches might happen and algorithms may fail and perhaps certain types of sellers, as a group, may run into problems, but never an individual seller. Many posts that I see such as the OP think that for some reason Amazon is doing something to them so that they aren’t getting fair treatment. Amazon has millions of sellers and I seriously doubt that any of them are individually picked to have their sales turned down. If they didn’t want a seller to get sales, they would just suspend them I would think.

It isn’t like when working out in the world, and it seems to be the boss is on your case the whole time and you talk to the other couple people in your age bracket and find they are having the same problems, so yeah you might be being discriminated against because of age, weight, education, or sex or any other reason companies try to get rid of people other than the one’s that are doing their job correctly. Those always seemed to get to hang around forever!


Looks that way. Click the new and used link on the listing and on the fly out add to cart menu , select filter > prime.