Amazon Lending on the rise


Over the years I have had a few loans and it helped my sales tremendously with the ability to re-stock shelves and cull the oldies.

Now I am ready for another infusion of cash!


“Amazon has stepped up lending to third-party sellers on its site who are looking to grow their business. The company doled out more than $1B in small loans to sellers in the past 12 months, compared with more than $1.5B it lent from 2011 through 2015, said Peeyush Nahar, VP of Marketplace. Sellers have used the money to expand their inventory or discount items on Amazon” (NASDAQ:AMZN).


I need a loan for inventory how can I get it? lol


They helped me out


They just sent me an email offering a loan of $5001. I don’t know about $5000, but I sure could use that $1.00


Just realize that the interest rate is very high at around 16.9%…you can find many CC with 0% offers for 12 months…It is nice to have the payments automatically deducted from your Amazon account, though…I suggest setting up bi-weekly payments to reduce the interest a little quicker…


It is buy invitation only. They will analyze your account and determine if lending to you is appropriate and send an invitation if your account is qualified.



>I don’t find the interest to be onerous at all.

The 16.9% he mentions is titanic in today’s rate environment. On the other hand, if you can quickly put the money to use, buy inventory, and turn it rapidly while making a healthy profit, the interest cost is going to be insignificant compared to the profit. So for the right sort of situation / seller it’s definitely a win-win.

E.g. $100,000 inventory purchase, blow it all out in 6 months at a net profit of 25% after Amazon fees, you’re up $25,000 less your interest cost of something in the $4200 range . . . if that’s $21,000 you couldn’t have made otherwise, and you had no cheaper source for the capital, there’s nothing wrong with that. For higher margin items it’s even better.

bunga bunga!


Amazon Lending loans don’t show up on a credit report, unlike a credit card.

I don’t find the interest to be onerous at all.


I regularly have an offer from Amazon for approx 1 month’s revenue. Never going to accept it.

The interest rate is VERY high by my standards because I have available credit at much lower cost.

If you have no other credit or source of capital, it does not rise to the level of usury.

Like many other things in this world, interest charges are relative.


What happened to a Paypal credit card for business? Is AMZ loan so much different?


I think I’ll just wait for a credit increase from my business credit card.


Talk to your bank.

A line of credit (may need to be secured) is usually easy enough to get with a few points above the prime rate. That would save most people at least 12%-14% above what Amazon charges or credit card charges for an outstanding balance will be.

Unfortunately, I think Amazon’s offer is aimed at people that don’t have access to better credit.



I have bad credit so my options are limited at the moment. I rather use credit cards anyhow the payments are more manageable.

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