Amazon keeps losing my inventory and refuses to pay


Amazon keeps losing our inventory, it has happened 2 times in 1 month now. They claim they have received less units than what was stated on shipment and refuse to admit their mistake. We are not talking about 1 or 2 units missing but 100s. Sometimes whole SKUs are missing. We know we have sent them entire inventory and I can understand occasional misplacement but this has happened 2 times in a month and has cost us thousands. What can we do to make Amazon reimburse us for the loss?


You reconcile when you can.


Hire an attorney and file a lawsuit. Sounds like you have been damaged. Can you prove what was shipped to Amazon?


Thanks for your response. However, the reconciliation report does show clearly that Amazon received fewer units than what was stated on the shipment. All they seem to be doing after that is to put the blame on us saying you never shipped us the quantity you mentioned in the shipping plan and then they close the investigation


Thanks, trying to figure out how to prove what we put inside. I am not sure filing a lawsuit is feasible. We stand to lose more than Amazon for sure since their lawyers must have covered all their bases and they have deep pockets


How much did your shipment weigh? If it was short on qty then the weight of the shipment would reflect that.


From my experience, when you reconcile your shipment via Manage FBA Shipments, you get an option to either acknowledge the quantity discrepancy or have Amazon research the issue. If you request that Amazon research the issue, you have to provide supporting documentation such as the BOL, Invoice of the purchase of goods and proof of delivery to Amazon’s FC. They will either locate, replace or reimburse you for the lost inventory.


Yes, thanks. I am hoping to make a case about the weight discrepancy as well.


Thanks, I will try with proof of delivery to Amazon but not sure how much that will help since they are acknowledging that they did receive the shipment but the inventory in there wasn’t accurate. I have already tried with other things you have mentioned