Amazon Japan - Brand new account suspended within 10 minutes


After receiving multiple requests/suggestions from Amazon to branch out into Japan and much success in just about every other Amazon marketplace for some years, decided to take the plunge.

Hired a Japanese native VA to translate our listings, instruction booklets etc. into Japanese, changed labels on the product into Japanese. Meanwhile, logged into Amazon, tried to open/connect the existing account we have to (using same email address for all other marketplaces under global selling).

Entered credit card details, bank account details (new dedicated Japanese bank account) and just got started creating a new listing (about 10 minutes in) and out of the blue, red flag performance email notifying we were suspended!!!

The appeal notice (in Japanese) seemed to be asking for company documentation, proof of incorporation, utility bills, etc. Hadn’t needed to provide these since we opened up in the first marketplace years ago. Still, I provided them anyway. No response.

I’ve tried for the last two weeks to communicate with them (also in Japanese), but they keep closing the ticket (case) without a helpful response. I’ve tried re-opening the case a number of times. The only mildly helpful information seems to be that the case is ‘transferred’

Seems more trouble than it’s worth, so I’ve asked them to refund the rather large fees they charged to our card for opening the account. Still no proper response. Seems Amazon Japan are a law unto themselves.

Now when you go into our case log, all their standard responses have been deleted, leaving only my questions. Also I cannot reopen any of the cases. When attempting to reopen a case and submit it, it does not reopen, it stays ‘Answered’

What would you suggest I do? A chargeback on our credit card and leave it alone?
What a waste of time and money.


I am sorry to hear this. Amazon UK did the same thing for us years ago. It lasted for a week though not 10 minutes. Nevertheless… :sweat_smile:

I opened an Amazon JP too in the past. But the rule back then was to do it through an AGENT. We couldn’t do it ourselves due to banking and other regulations. So we used this agent’s address, name, etc. He’s the one who’s receiving money from Amazon and deposited it into our bank account in the USA.


The way to do the banking these days is use a service like WorldFirst. We were fortunate enough to come across them when we set up a few years ago. Same UI account, dozens of currencies each with your own unique bank account info. They added our Yen account in seconds.

We’re based in the UK, so UK account was our first one and we branched out to Europe then US, Canada and recently Australia. Amazon shouldn’t be encouraging Western merchants to try the Japanese marketplace if there are these many problems. We’ve lost time and money trying to do this.


We received a response tonight in Japanese when we attempted to recover our seller fee credit card payment from email box:

"Thank you very much for using

As a result of reviewing the exhibitor’s account, we have decided not to transfer the seller’s proceeds at this time.

We are sorry but we can not provide any further information on this matter. Also, please be aware that we may not be able to give you a reply even if you send us further emails on this matter.
Account Specialist"

About as much use as a chocolate teapot. I had explained the situation fully and yet a response like this from someone who either did not read my email and provided a standard response, or they just don’t know what they’re doing.

I’m really annoyed I spent so much time trying to fix this in a logical and calm way, and I’m just met with this abstract nonsense.


We have the same issue as yours. We already send the documents and did not heard anything from them. Its been two months now since the last time we sent the documents, we also tries to send them a message but they always marked it as “answered or transferred”. We don’t know what to do now.


It seems we are not alone, there’s another thread on a similar issue with Amazon Japan, a lot of people are experiencing the same thing.

Would be great to have someone from Amazon comment on this, but they have hid from this thread and the other one also. I tried opening a case on and in that case, I was promised someone would get back to me on it. Despite me chasing it several times, nobody has ever come back with anything whatsoever.

Seems Amazon Japan is out there with the Bermuda Triangle, Area 51 and the Loch Ness monster.


I am in a similar situation after selling successfully in other countries with brand registry and all. Amazon was always spamming me with the idea of opening in Japan so I did.

A few hours after opening they suspended my account and I only received the same template.
This is really annoying and one of the worst responses I have ever received.

Did you manage to reopen your accounts?


I am on week number 4. I was lucky that I didn’t have time to complete the application. However, my account here is still suspended and after several requests to close the jp and eu
account. It still hasn’t happened.