Amazon is scheduling mystery LTL pickups when I have no shipping plans and nothing to ship


This week I’ve had THREE semi-trucks from Estes shipping come to my house to pick up freight but I have no shipping plans and never scheduled anything.

I get an email in the morning that says “Amazon has assigned Estes Express Lines to pick up your freight.” it’s legitimately FROM Amazon and CC’s Estes local shipping terminal, it’s not phishing. It includes an ARN, PO, pallet count and weight (none of which I’ve ever seen before.) So I call Estes to ask and they’re always unable to find anything for the PO and they say nobody’s coming, but then in the afternoon an Estes semi-truck rolls up and I have to tell the driver that I never scheduled any pick up. This has happened THREE times this week.

Anyone else ever have this happen? Amazon is creating LTL pickups for me and I have NO inbound FBA shipments. It’s annoying me and REALLY annoying the truck drivers because my residence is off their route I’m sure.

I should mention it’s the exact same email I get for a LEGIT LTL pickups that I did schedule but without an attached BOL. Is someone fraudulently scheduling these for me or is Amazon messing up?


Change your password now


That’s good advice so I did that. I also have 2FA on. I don’t think my account is compromised.


oh-- no worry’s

Those are ours.
Amazon overcharges us on LTL (transportation is a profit center).
then cuts out the LTL carrier and sends their own Amazon truck.
then does not provide a BOL
then does not pick up the load
then wastes 2 weeks (with our dozen pallets sitting there, clogging up the warehouse)

pickup made by another carrier, who was due to pickup an entirely different load, apparently just because he was there.

but we wouldn’t doubt Amazon sent them to your house first.


I guess its better than being swatted by the police department! :joy: