Amazon is "Price Fixing" now!?


This has happened to me, as well. When I originally listed my book on CD there was another on the market. I listed mine for the same price. That one sold leaving mine the only one at the same price as the last one. Amazon de-listed it. I listed at a couple dollars less. Amazon zapped it again. The bots are trying to control the universe! Grab torches and pitchforks! Seriously, Amazon oversteps on this one.


This happened to me as well, selling home decor. I listed the product for a sale price, and when I changed it back to the normal price (I have many other similar products at the regular price), Amazon deactivated it and even after a dozen cases they refused to reactivate it at my normal price. I was only allowed to sell the item at a heavily discounted price. The dictatorship here is unreal sometimes.


Yes that is understood, kindly explain which of their “services” you feel Amazon has not lived up to in your statement.

What has Amazon committed to do for you, as a seller, and failed as part of the TOS?


I had an Item that this happened to and no matter what price I set it to it was too high, sent about 6 e-mails to seller support and kept getting the same answer to lower the price but they could not understand that even at 1 cent the price was still flagged as too high, not worth the time or effort so I just removed the items. Only had a couple left so no big deal but I feel your frustration


I don’t know if It’s price fixing, but It feels like it. Gauging is one thing when talking about milk and gasoline, baby formula, medicines…etc. Not most of the things Amazon is deactivating (at least in my case) It seems to be based on competing prices, I do not believe Amazon should tell anyone how much to charge. Once again, selling on Amazon is a race to the bottom, getting harder to and harder to make earn a living.


This happens all the time unfortunately and starting to happen at a much faster rate, I now often have listings taken down as sellers are selling broken and incomplete items and listing them at low prices but in incorrect conditions. The price bots do not know this and flag complete good condition items and take them down. I am also experiencing this with out of print sealed items that are correctly listed and usually listed below the prices on the bay but again the Amazon price bots seem to want me to sell at a loss so when they are taken down they are starting to get moved to other sites, as I am not going to compete with broken items and items missing parts and take losses on items I am selling.


And just an example on this I had an item a buyer was inquiring about at the lowest price available and he just wanted some pictures before he bought it. I was about $20 lower than the lowest price on Ebay but the price bots determined that the price was not to their liking so now that item has been taken down. It is an unfortunate way to treat both buyers of high end items and sellers as well, but when I have brought this up in the past to Amazon I got a nasty reply from seller support about how their algorithm is correct and there are no mistakes in it. So again those items now go and move just fine elsewhere.


Price gouging?? Slow down there darling! I have had items that I’ve lowered the price so low on that it doesn’t even recover Amazon’s fees, much less the cost of my product and inbound shipping. Still they give me a pricing error!


Where, in my statement, are you reading about ‘failure’ as it pertains to Amazon’s TOS?

To re-state my statement: Amazon is a Service Provider and needs to keep up their ‘Services’ as per their Terms Of S[ervice]. The focus of my statement remains that Amazon is a Service Provider.


Whatever magical “services” you feel Amazon needs to “keep up” because you as a seller “pay a monthly fee for”

What service are you claiming that Amazon is not meeting in “their TOS”?


Had book “Famous Custom and Show Cars” taken down at 36.98
Now only available from Great American Books and Art
1 Used from $116.79
1 New from $864.56
Lowest price on another platform:
$40.01Top Rated PlusBuy It NowFree shipping.
When the other platform makes money selling their copy.
Will my copy automatically come back online?
I doubt it.
Funny system for a company that is in the top 10 on the stock market.


amazon needs to deactivate the price bots completely.


I don’t know if it is legally price fixing but it is certainly a pain to deal with. We know what we pay for things, what the mark up has to be for us to survive but yet they seem to think they know better and demand we fix it in the form or deactivating listings. Legal, who knows, frustrating, very and I might add ridiculous.


How does Amazon know if someone is price gouging? How does Amazon know what a seller paid for their merchandise? Surely, Amazon also knows that small sellers do not get the same price from wholesalers as Amazon does and Amazon knows that sellers incur Amazon’s hefty fees. Yet, Amazon wants to dictate what a seller can ask for their merchandise. It’s just another way Amazon controls prices on their site to drive sales while sellers make peanuts are even lose money just to move merchandise. This is how Amazon treats their SO-CALLED partners! Like I’ve said before…Amazon is NOT a partner to sellers on their site, they are a detriment to sellers businesses!


You are right to a point. However, Amazon’s price limits/or acceptable range is too constrained. There is a difference between Amazon’s acceptable price and price gauging. None of my listings that have been price limited by Amazon had “gauging level” pricing.


this is how amazon wants it. they gradually trained sellers to expect no more than a dollar in profit . Most sellers are afraid of being kicked off amazon so we all caved.


It does really seem like that


I get email from Amazon when they deactivate my books for pricing - This line in the email always catches my attention.

Please keep in mind Amazon fees when setting a price to avoid pricing errors related to extremely low prices or to prevent selling items at a loss. :rofl: They are concerned with my possible selling at a loss? :rofl:


It’s not price fixing but it’s definitely controlling how and what we can sell on the platform. It’s also extremely irritating.

I’m sick of kludging the system. For months now as I get price alerts I just remove the affected items from Amazon and sell them elsewhere. This is one of my biggest current peeves with Amazon. For all the good things that have gone on in the past year or so, from increased shipping discounts to – I don’t know, there have been some good things going on here, haven’t there? – this is the pits. For many years Amazon was the number one place I sold online, and for the first time since I joined the 3P program soon after it began, Amazon is now the place I’m least vested in. I still make money here, but the irritations are piling up and I’m finding less incentive to add to my inventory here. I just don’t care anymore.

I just got a price alert now, for one of the lowest priced items in my inventory. Just an old paperback priced at $9.99. What’s odd is that there’s two other listings that aren’t far off in price from mine – the Buy Box is $7.49, and there’s one other seller at $9. I can’t believe they aren’t allowing me to sell it at the price I have listed. That’s sickening.

And the hardcover listing that’s linked to this paperback has one “new” copy (the book’s been out of print for 40 years) at $890. There are other “new” listings too. Even the ones listed at a tenth of that price (as “new”) aren’t getting deactivated. My pristine and near fine $9.99 paperback’s not going back on Amazon. It will remain on other, friendlier markets – while meanwhile Amazon allows people to offer used merchandise as new at truly unreasonable prices.


This is true; but when Amazon deactivates a listing for “High Price” when it is the only (or lowest) offer on Amazon, then the buyer will end up going elsewhere to purchase it. I currently have two books that I’ve listed at a price consistent with historical pricing on Amazon that are deactivated; one is the only copy (so the listing is now “Not Available”), the other had a lowest price nearly double what I was asking.
This is bad for the seller, and the buyer, and eventually, for Amazon.