Amazon is "Price Fixing" now!?


Telling me what my profit margin is, is price fixing.

Amazon does not own my business, I do.


Some of you keep saying this. The FTC says this " Price fixing is an agreement (written, verbal, or inferred from conduct) among competitors that raises, lowers, or stabilizes prices or competitive terms. Generally, the antitrust laws require that each company establish prices and other terms on its own, without agreeing with a competitor."
Check their website at dot gov.

If I go to an auction and “agree” with other auction-goers to bid on a certain item at a certain price; that’s collusion which is what Amazon and Walmart talking to each other about prices, even minimum and maximum prices, would likely be considered in any fair and just legal system.

This crap of them hiding items with prices they don’t approve of it is just baloney. Time one of the mouthy US Senators on the Judiciary Committee set them straight. (I’m not holding my breath)


I had a $3 item deactivated. Ridiculous. Not even worth a battle.


Amazon is broken and it’s too big to fix now. It is fatally flawed, parasitic, and malignant.


There was no intention to be insulting or condescending. If I came off that way I offer my sincere apology.

We are mostly in agreement in what is happening with Amazon. Neither of us have the solution, so we suffer under Big Brother Jeff and try make some profits.

I wish you the best of luck.


Amazon does not care.

Amazon makes a profit when they make a sale of our products.

Amazon make a profit when the charge a refund processing fee.

Amazon saves hundreds of millions of dollars per year in interest fees by holding back our money for a minimum of 7-days after confirmed delivery (and longer if they suspend your account - sometimes even fully confiscating a 3P sellers funds when all products have been shipped and received by Amazon customers because in Amazon’s sole discretion you violated one of their draconian rules (like the new spelling error rule effective in November).


I now have 11 books suppressed for high price. What I’m seeing is that my listings are all NEW, and in one listing where I had the only NEW book, there are 18 used, with the buy box featuring the book for $2.49 with free shipping in acceptable condition. What on earth is wrong with AZ when I have the ONLY listing in the NEW category and I’m not allowed to determine what to sell it for? This is crazy. I’ll just delete the listings for all these books and sit on them for awhile.


I had this happen a number of times. Got into a back-and-forth with seller support (email and phone). Basically they said tough luck, nothing we can do. Lower your price. I pointed out that other people were selling for higher than my price and there didn’t seem to be any issues with their pricing. She told me to basically file an issue with the listing and indicate the price was too high.

So yea, Amazon said that if I can’t sell it for that much, burn everyone else.


Both of the books that were delisted by Azon this morning - same issue. How can it be too high a price when I have the only one?


Take off anything that tells the truth.


The focus of this statement is that Amazon is a ‘Service Provider’, and, thus have a TOS (Terms of Service).


I had a DVD set that is OOP that I’ve sold probably 25 times for around $200 each. Back in July Amazon came in and started “selling” them for about $40. They never had them in stock. They said order now and they’ll ship when available. They left that up for about a month. Then they stopped selling them and canceled all the pending orders as unavailable. The bots recognized all those fake sales as real and anything listed over around $75 after that was automatically blocked for high price. Killed off one of my pretty profitable products.


yes they are price-fixing however they get away with it because they say fair price policy and there is nothing you can do about it if you want to sell on amazon


Any regulation of priced up or down is Price fixing by definition. In the case if Suppressed Prices, other businesses are the victim because they cannot charge the prices needed to keep their business healthy. If others are selling lower there is no harm to consumer because they have the specific choice to pick the lower price. I have this issue happen quite often and it’s usually on rare expensive to acquire items that Amazon(or other vendors) decide to sell cheaper. So then they sell out and I can’t sell mine?? Frustrating


My mom complained to her credit card company and they said they knew the company and got lots of complaints.


Exactly, customers are not forced to buy anything. Amazon makes even more money if the price is higher. No free market in action here.


I also have a couple books that are getting taken down for inflated prices. How can a 11.00 book be considered too high in price? I will also finally just delete the book and give it to Goodwill.


go to inventory click the sku and adjust your max price


I had a high price listing alert for a book that was the only one on Amazon. No other listings. What are they comparing to if there are no other listings?


Amazon compares prices across multiple selling platforms, not just other sellers on Amazon.