Amazon is "Price Fixing" now!?


Just above you can see an example of what I do in @Texas_Exile_Bookspost.


It is absolutely a form of price fixing. Amazon admits it checks competitor site listings as well as other prices on Amazon, and won’t allow sellers to set prices beyond what they state is their acceptable range, regardless of scarcity, rarity, attributes, etc. No one forces customers to pay a higher price; as long as the price is transparent, customers are not being “harmed” by higher prices, as Amazon pretends to argue. Amazon is implicitly colluding illegally with other sites to force sellers to lower prices. An active antitrust division would shut this down immediately.


The writing is on the wall and Amazon should care about their sellers and will learn the hard way. Christmas is 2 months away. Think about the following and draw your own conclusions:

  1. Amazon is currently under antitrust scrutiny and warehouse worker treatment scrutiny.
  2. Amazon delivery drivers are abandoning their vans on their routes and quitting employment as a delivery driver.
  3. Amazon warehouse workers are protesting working conditions and walking off the jobs. We are only going to see more of this as the Christmas rush pushes Amazon workers to their limits and they do not have proper COVID PPE.
  4. Amazon currently can’t make many of their Prime deliveries on time and they are experiencing exponential delays and upsetting buyers.
  5. USPS is not dependable as far as delivery times and have their own financial and internal problems.
  6. Amazon fires employees right and left daily if they speak out and do not just be “doers” and “robots”.
  7. Jeff Bezos and Amazon are very secretive about what they do and avoid the media at all costs.
  8. Amazon’s cash cow is storage and rental fees. Amazon is making a killing by charging sellers for monthly yellow box storage space and charges by the inch. AWS provides the IT and communications infrastructure for Amazon operations. And than you have Amazon, who promises free deliveries and same day and next day deliveries yet they currently cannot hold up to this commitment. Amazon also has very high labor costs and low margins.
  9. Why has Amazon been buying so much real estate and delaying checking in seller’s shipments? Monthly rent money, as real estate and rent is the cash cow which subsidizes Amazon, similar to a Ponzi scheme.
  10. Currently in an election.
  11. Possibly having another COVID shelter in place order enacted within the next two months.
  12. Many of the big brick and mortar stores shoppers patronized for their Christmas gifts have gone bankrupt and are gone.
  13. People can only be exploited and lied to for so long until they eventually wise up, become educated, rise up and stand up to the aggressor and/or abuser.

Based on the above, many buyers are not going to be happy when they do not get their Christmas presents delivered before Christmas. Amazon promised them before Christmas or the buyers expected same day or next delivery because they are Prime members. All I can say, is give Amazon time as their day is coming and Amazon is going to lose lots of goodwill over the next two months. This is my opinion and several others.

Amazon could unfold like a Ponzi scheme since AWS lost the major government contract recently and Amazon retail has high labor costs and can’t maintain their Prime contractual obligations. Amazon real estate and storage rent is what is keeping Amazon and AWS in business. Sellers get rid of FBA and do more FBM this will hurt the rent side of Amazon. It took 20 years for Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme to collapse.


America is a free enterprise system and free market where supply and demand rule along with the “Invisible Hand” of Adam Smith economics. If consumers don’t want to pay the prices, the free market will take care of businesses and sellers, because consumers won’t buy or pay the price, absent inflation, sanctions, tariffs and/or embargos. Amazon has no legal right to control or manipulate pricing or eliminate competition nor does Amazon have any parlimentary power to make or enforce laws that violate antitrust laws, the Clayton Act and/or the Sherman Act.

Adolf Hitler was a “great leader” and his “party” believed in him, followed him and believed his great propaganda until the US launched the D-Day Invasion of Normandy.


On another note left off previous post and too late to add,
Notice how the latest seller support responses are basically helpless and the responses are of a uncaring nature and “we seller support people hate our jobs” and agree with you sellers but they just can’t say this. Lets see if there is an uprising amongst seller support employees now that they are becoming more educated as to how Amazon sellers are treated and the fact more Amazon sellers are starting to challenge seller support and Amazon’s rules and unethical behavior.

We also do not see Jeff Bezos lately or hear about him in the news so something is definately going on inside of Amazon and hopefully Amazon managers are running like rats to get out of the light. Japan, India, the EU and the US are all going after Bezos and Amazon for antitrust and treatment of sellers and workers. DoorDash recently lost their lawsuit to classify drivers as independent contractors instead of employees. This DoorDash legal decision was precedent setting and I am sure there are attorneys “ambulance chasing” Amazon delivery drivers to get a lawsuit filed on behalf of the drivers who are currently classified as independent contractors but treated and controlled as employees.


We had an item that we offered for 52.99. Amazon was selling it at 53.99 and higher. They deactivated our listing stating it was a high price error. No matter what I set it at, matching them or even lower it would not allow me to list it unless I was at 48.99 and lower. All of our listings include free shipping. It was ok for amazon to offer it for 53.99 but we could not. Makes no sense at all. We couldn’t list it for the lower price. So very frustrating.


My opinion is amazons ego is hurting their platform.
Amazon changed their mind on forcing sellers to sell for the same price on other platforms. (Not sure the reason why.)
So instead they implemented the fair pricing.
Your listing goes dead on amazon if you don’t match your price to other platforms.
I can see many sellers leaving the lower price on other platforms and just not having the item active on amazon any longer.
The fees may or or may not be the reason sellers choose to do this.
Maybe if amazon wants the same price on items as on other platforms they should match the seller fees as well. (Fee Fixing?!)
Nature will be taking care of this problem naturally for the most part.
Companies are cyclical or generational, look at IBM and Intel.
Covid has forced the competition into online sales much faster than Amazon or the World would have ever anticipated, Amazon will be losing market share.
Platforms are being less and less important/concentrated especially if the search engines have their way.
The engine with the broadest search will win, not those that have special protectionist relationships with certain brands.
I think Bezos has met his amazon goals and has moved on to other interests in his life, until he publicly hands it over to someone more passionate than himself I think the platform will suffer. If he wants to destroy the platform to avoid anti-trust laws all he has to do is hire Meg Whitman.

To add. Sometimes customers ask specific questions about condition, I try to avoid those customers. I think Bezos and the Amazon mentality is the same towards sellers as customers, and government inquiry. Avoid those who put to much load on our system. I think they are at a point of success that they can focus on efficiency and maintain being the “premium” platform.


nope, if the return reason is not as described, you do not pay return shipping… the seller does


I have pretty much duplicate listings on Amazon and eCRATER only I have more items on eCRATER. A month or two back I sold as item oneCRATER. I went to Amazon to delete it and discovered that it had been deleted for a ‘potential’ high price. There were no other sellers here with the item, so once they deleted my listing, no one was selling it. I had a few spare minutes and so checked to see if I could find it elsewhere at the lower price Amazon had supposedly found. Nope none, anywhere. The only copy that popped up was my eCRATER price which was within the ballpark of my other similar stuff.

The really frustrating thing is I buy product to resell, which means that even if Amazon thinks I should sell something for $.99, I can’t afford to. This way I can list mine as new. I can just about guarantee you that most of my competition is not selling new items even though that is how they are listed. I know this as a fact as one of the sellers, I am intimately acquainted with as he grew in my belly for almost 10 months. He lists just about everything as new but for the people we sell to, they are new and are happy to get them, but they aren’t following Amazon rules. So I do which means I have to charge a higher price to make back expenses and my listings get deleted. While some one that doesn’t know a thing about what they are selling, prices it at $.99, which I can’t figure out. Why would anyone work for that amount of profit - a candy bar if they are lucky. What we sell isn’t like the books that those penny sellers get all sorts of discounts with.

It is frustrating. However I just had including today 3 great days for sales and I will focus on that and be happy. :slight_smile:


Yep, for years now. Have one open right now. How can be selling at $9.99 be deactivated and there is a mistake in at $979.69. Yeah, broken system that Amazon is not addressing.


You just nailed it BraGirl Not to get political here but this is why the upcoming election is so important. Who has their hands in china’s pockets and would let that continue? I think we all know the answer to that one.


Amazon does sell and usually on high pricing errors they are the other seller on that item. It will give 3P seller the error even if price is lower than the Amazon selling price


Forcing the maximum price down squeezes out smaller sellers - ask any Mom and Pop business that Sam Walton ruined the American Dream for when he started selling from manufacturers for less than the American Small Business could buy merchandise for (in collusion and conspiracy with the related manufacturers).

I am glad you use the term “Amazon Customers”, because they surely are NOT ours.


Amazon now calls us “partners.” So partner, how much say do you have with JB?


I agree the so called “fair market pricing” is getting out of hand. I have 5 different units I have been fighting.

The first is an LP (new) that I sell at $99 and I have the only one for sale. I have sold 3 others this year at the same price but suddenly my price is too high. I showed them the 3 previous sales and I got back the standard canned reply.

I have a new item listed at $26 and it has been deactivated for being too high but there are others on the listing at $29

I won’t go into the others but this is really getting ridiculous. You can’t get a straight answer just the standard canned reply. Good thing Amazon is the 800lb gorilla because if they had any competition I believe they would see a mass exodus.


Yup, Hence when I get this price deactivation notice. I close the listing and delete it then sell it somewhere else. I can’t spend the time with Amazon AI telling me that China Price is true retail. I have also been having all types of other issues and culled over half my listings at this point.


I did not know that an MBA was equal to a Juris Doctor degree. There are a lot more nuances to the law than to business practice.


Its called Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). See the word SUGGESTED? Not illegal to “suggest” a retail price if you are the manufacturer.


If Amazon is deactivating listings because Amazon is the sole decision of a price being “too high”, then Amazon is the guilty party. Amazon calls itself a “marketplace.” A marketplace sets its own fair pricing by what the consumers purchase, not by what the administrators decide what the selling price should be.

Let’s use a Simon Properties shopping mall as an example - if Macy’s sells an item for $10.00 and another store in that same Simon Properties Mall - Sears - sells the exact same item for $8.99, Simon Properties has NO right to tell Macy’s that they cannot sell that item in their mall be cause the price is too high.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck - then it is probably a duck.


It is not called MSRP, it is called MAP. “Minimum Advertised Price”. It is something that you, the seller agree to, in order to sell some manufacturer’s products. Violate it, and go lower, and watch your account get pulled by the manufacturer. Manufacturer’s “fix” the minimum price. It is not MSRP.