Amazon is "Price Fixing" now!?


If you had a collectable comic worth that much, then it would certainly be appropriate to list it as “Collectable”, which does not (at least for now) get subject to High Price Alerts. Of course, it also doesn’t show up on the default view.
But frankly, I don’t think that Amazon has ever been the go-to place for such collectibles.


Unfortunately, there are many books which have sold no copy at the publisher’s list price, and the FTC may consider it misleading. This is a reason why Amazon is no longer publishing MSRP for every product.

As I am sure you know that there are many books which never sell a copy at retail. Apart from library orders they make no sales.

The problem here is AI.

The WSJ today had a review of The Alignment Problem By Brian Christian Norton, 476 pages, $27.95

A good discussion of why AI yields poor results for many problems.


No. Someone is doing fba, which means a seller has sent the item to a fulfillment center.


Try turning off auto pricing on that item…


I’ve basically given up. They have taken down over 600 of my items for ‘high prices’ even though I sold the same item the week before for that price. I sell items in my ecrater store also for the high price, and they have even taken down listings where there is NO competition - no other listings for it. It drives me crazy. I have never seen a business so gung ho on losing money as Amazon is as they do lose money in this situation as their FVF end up being way balow what they would have been. Some of my deactivated listings I have sold 20-30+ copies and now I can’t list them so they are losing out since my stock flew out the door as fast as I could list them.

I wonder what their stockholders would do and is their BOD knows they are doing this. If I was a shareholder of a company that was telling people that they can’t list at a reasonable price, but has to list at $1.99 or less which makes the FVF hardly worth collecting (and not in my interests to list that low and it costs me more to buy the item NEW than the price they will accept) I would be hitting the roof and complaining to the BOD.

This has been going on bad since the beginning of the pandemic and other than nursing uniforms, I don’t sell anything related to the covid problem.

I just haven’t had the time to try to fix all of these messes. I never have enough time to do all the things I need to.


The answer to your question is a resounding “YES!”

This is the very definition of Price-Fixing, and should be the primary reason that Congress should regulate Amazon.

This is absolutely illegal. Amazon gets away with it simply because they are Amazon, and no one person can stand-up to them. This is exactly why we need Government, to intercede between people and corporations to maintain some degree of fairness.

It sure doesn’t help that the world has been “On Fire” for the last 10 months, and almost the last 4 years in America. Regulating Amazon must fall below many other problems right now on the priority list.

But I have hopes for the future…


Amazon owns it…and you as well if you’re a Seller. IF they say it’s too high, that’s what you live with…Been there and done that for over a decade and futile attempts to argue the point just tick them off. They play ‘favorites’ for sure, but that’s e-commerce for you in the 21st century I’m afraid…Good luck! (Attempt to not FIGHT with 'em!)


It is called horizontal price fixing and tying. Amazon uses their “fair pricing policy” nonsense to violate antitrust laws and get rid of competition. The only way to get your listing to go active is to send your product to Amazon so Amazon can charge you storage rent by the inch in their yellow boxes and generate FBA fees from you. Congress, the FTC and US DOJ are well aware of this practice and it will be the next investigation they conduct as far as their antitrust investigation. Check your listings and see if Amazon is a competitor and/or if Prime and FBA listings are priced higher than yours and you will see the writing on the wall. Report your case to your Congressman/woman, the FTC and US DOJ.


Not according to the Attorney General of Kansas and 29 other state Attorneys General.


Don’t know what the item is so can’t say that it’s price gouging. However, price gouging only pertains to necessity products during an emergency requiring those products.


It’s a spatula, so the laws do not apply for this item. But the statement made was that online sales are not subject to price-gouging laws, period.


yes, that should be made more widely know. remind me not to buy from china on amazon this christmas


I have 3,267 listings that are deactivated and not selling because Amazon has determined my pricing is not low enough. The problem is that Amazon does not know my cost or what my shipping cost is so they have no way to actually determine what my mark up is and it is none of their business either. I completely agree, this is absolute price fixing designed to shut down third party sellers.


If you audit your listings that show “active” you will discover your listings really are not “active” and do not show as an option to buyers to purchase from you. Your listing will show as active but when you click on the lowest price link to see all listings, your listing will not show or the listing will state there are currently no available sellers for this product. This is the latest deceptive trade practice Amazon is engaging to “hide” sellers listings without the seller knowing, especially when Amazon is a competitor or your listing is not FBA.


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Price fixing is mandating specific prices. It is not okay to mandate a specific price.
Amazon is acting within the law. US Anti-trust laws are okay with a minimum and maximum price at which products can sell. From what I’ve read over the years, Amazon calculates the mins and maxes when it finds the product is available elsewhere and/or the product has sales history on Amazon. Especially at the start of Covid-19, Amazon started enforcing max pricing to ensure price gouging doesn’t happen on Amazon. They do continue to tweak it - they recognized (after implementing price max enforcement) supply shortages were driving COGS up. So, there has been greater tolerance - but, like most policies rolled out across the world’s largest retailer, it hasn’t been effective in all cases.

I have had products too that have been inactive and gotten high price alerts.
Perfectly legal min/max pricing - AI based. Well intentioned - but hard to implement without causing pain for Merchants in the near term. Hopefully, Amzn’s algorithms learn quick.


Absolutely Amazon is price fixing (probably illegally). But don’t expect our worthless Congress to do anything about it. Play JB’s game or sell on another platform (which you should be doing anyway).


They may not be in direct communication but they do base their prices off of each other. Both sites will deactivate a listing bases on prices from other sites. So Amazon scans Walmart and Walmart scans Amazon and both deactivate your listing if they think your price is too high even though its not.


Where is this located?