Amazon is "Price Fixing" now!?


Yes and No. It is not always what it appears when it comes to logistics.

Amazon partners with manufacturers and has local distributors also ship.

When I worked at a large tire wholesaler, we would get Amazon orders in bulk and ship to regional customers via UPS/FedEx and get reimbursed from the tire manufacturer. The label showed Amazon as the shipper with our return address, no one was the wiser. Amazon gets the sale, local distributor ships from their inventory, distributor gets paid from Manufacturer, Manufacturer gets paid by Amazon. Amazon does not have to store inventory.
There can be many fingers in the frosting when it comes to baking an Amazon cake.


Not in your case. It is relevant so everyone knows your not selling a used CD or a collectable where the prices fluctuate all over the place.

What you are not saying, and more importantly avoiding is saying if you are the brand owner of said spatula. If you are not the brand owner, you are, as they say, poop out of luck. Prevailing and historical prices will establish the index you are falling into the trap of.


You can ship it from China for like $.10 thanks to the wonderful protections for Chinese sellers compliments of our lawmakers.


I have had multiple items flagged for excessive shipping. Even though my shipping for the item is perfectly in line with what the actual shipping I am being charged by the carriers. This is entirely due to sellers listing the same product with FREE shipping. I understand why Amazon does it but on the other hand if my price with shipping is in line with their price with free shipping then Amazon should not have any issues. Maybe they should go after the seller who is over charging ofr the item with an offer of free shipping.


is this true? we dont have to pay shipping costs back to china?


I have countless books which have been deactivated because of alleged high prices. But, in many cases, these books are being offered at a sale price which is LESS than the original publisher’s list price and, if inflation is taken into account, DRAMATICALLY LESS. To my mind, no book should ever be deactivated if the selling price is less than the original publisher’s list price.


I’ve been destroying some of my products due to Amazon wanting me to sell it cheaper than the FBA fee!!!


I won’t comment on the “price fixing” question, but I will say Amazon’s price controls/stabalization bots often get it wrong. For example an acceptable Superman#1 comic might be worth $100 but a like-new could be worth $100,000. The bots don’t do a good job of understanding that collectible items have legitimate wide variations in price.


Price gouging laws do not apply to online sales. The customer always has a local option to buy product.


I have several books that have been deactived for “Potential High Pricing”. Yet I can go and look them up and there are several others whose prices are higher than mine. I have talked to Customer Support and gotten no where. I have lowered the prices but they are already low. None of these books are over $9.99 and many are at $3.99. I do charge shipping. I can’t go lower than $3.99 as I am not going to sell a book and make nothing on it. At $3.99 I make about .37cents. The Suggested Mfg Retail Price on some is $59.95 and I have them priced at $9.99. Is there anyway to beat this system?


We delete the listing.

Wait a week-then relist.

If can locate another listing/date of publication within the ISBN, we try to go w/ that. If can’t find one, which is more and more prevalent as AMZ compresses their media category, we relist against the old products page. Have yet to have another alert on the same copy.

Mainly, we’ve had issues w/ vintage mass markets. If all the other copies are MEGAS @ $5.99, doesn’t matter what condition your copy is or what your price is over $5.99-the BOTS flag it!! Triggered, I assume, by price change or any edit within the listing.
Riles me!!!


I didn’t say I liked it, it is just not price fixing or against the law.

I have more issues with the BB changes than price alerts, but each business has their own issues.

Amazon bots on price alerts is crazy, I don’t like it. I have had 1 listing that I could only list for 6.99, but FBA pick and pack fee was over 7. I

But throwing around words like price fixing, is a little over the top, and not correct.


Sorry, but what do you mean " look for another Amazon catalog fit" ? You do understand that you can’t just list on similar items right? It has to be the exact item (brand, condition, UPC, etc) as the listing.


I have this EXACT problem on over 100 listings. I have items that cost me $75 so I am selling for $100 but other people are selling for only $20.00 and Amazon blocks my listing for the same reason. I have never got them to actually address this issue but this is nothing new, its been happening for years to me.

Also the sellers selling at only $20 are selling at 1/5th the actual standard price for the item so they must be selling overstock. But yet Amazon blocks my listing.

I would like your question addressed by Amazon to help us as well.


This isn’t “price fixing”. It’s called “cost the sellers as much money as you can so they GO AWAY”.


Yeah… the high pricing error thing is very annoying. I’m just waiting for when Amazon gets a class action for price manipulation of the market. Amazon forcing their sellers to price items to the price that they want. Not all sellers buy products in 10,000 item bulk to receive high discounts.


One thing to look at is the MSRP section of your listing. I was having the same issues with a bunch of my listings and it turned out that my MSRP was set to $1 for the listing, thus causing it to be “high price”, even when it was within the range of my min/max. Just something to consider.


You’ve touched a nerve. I don’t know about price fixing, but I can’t fathom why Amazon uses this software for used and/or out of print books. And how about when you have the ONLY COPY on the Internet? Why does Amazon’s stupid program apply? And they are so unhelpful about providing pricing that won’t trigger the error. And as it has been said, why is my listing deactivated and listings for much higher prices still active? It appears that I must have adjusted my price where the higher priced listings did not. Amazon needs to study this problem and consult with its sellers. This makes no sense!


Used books frequently have many product pages. Once upon a time this used to be a bookstore!


I have a book that is currently getting deactivated due to “High Price”, even though the price is lower than it last sold on Amazon, and there are not other copies available on Amazon. All because someone one some site decided to sell it for a price that would not cover Amazon fees if sold here.
If it was selling in the past (granted, rarely) at $12, why is $8 too high?