Amazon is "Price Fixing" now!?


It is not price fixing. Manufacturer’s routinely have MAP policies which sets the minimum price, so Amazon enforcing a maximum price is more consumer friendly than MAP, Just because you do not like it or agree with it, does not mean it is against the law.


In my opinion, having any Party, such as Amazon, etc. being both a Market Facilitator (Amazon Marketplace), as well as, a Seller (Shipped by and Sold by Amazon) is akin to this:


Hint: Conflicts of Interest; Insider Marketplace Information & Collusion, Manipulation, and more.




There is no way Amazon could possible know what an item should sell for when they have no idea of the quality of the item. The various items may look the same and have the same function, but that does not mean they are equivalent or of equal quality. Also basing selling price on pricing from Chinese sellers is a real rip as China has preferred postal rates and ships to the U.S. for virtually free which the American taxpayer subsidizes to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars a year. What really gets me is that Amazon allows Chinese sellers to hide the fact they are shipping from China and stuff could take weeks to get here, if it arrives at all. This and other things give them an unfair advantage.


It’s just the result of some stupid half-written bot that has a simple formula for brains. It isn’t a plot or price fixing. It’s just stupid. That doesn’t help you, I know.


Keep in mind that whenever something changes in the listing, AMZ runs it through their algorithms for issues. From other postings, it seems like AMZ only checks this when something is changed in the listing.

Think of this process like the Building Inspector: you want to change one minor thing in your building, yet to do that you have to bring the whole building up to the current set of codes…


OK…Lets play devils advocate for a minute. Lets say it not price fixing/against the law…Its ok for Amazon(Morally)(I get its their playground) to block the listing until you bring down the price to something they deem fair? Taking more of your profit?

Most 3rd party sellers do not have the buying power of the mighty Amazon therefore we pay more per item and take a 15% cut to them.

We should be able to set our own prices as we see fit. If its too high then the customer wont buy it, right?


"I have gone in and repeatedly changed the min. and max. prices "

You must have price matching turned on in the system shut that off… Amazon does not set your price. But if your running the price matching then it will tell you this.


Actually I see that the New Condition for OOP books and other Media has one seller at $800 to $980 and always has the BB.
OOP means it has not been made in many years so how can they have so many new listings?


Yes there is. Item descriptions and bullets are all in the algorithm. Price gouging is a thing and completely enforceable. A sellers honest intent is irrelevant to the marketplace pricing.

This is an assumption that the item does not have a history of being sold for half as much for extended lengths of time. Note the OP did not state anything about it being their brand. Using Occam’s Razor, which is more likely…A. There is a nefarious and illegal cabal within Amazon ensuring Chinese imports are given lower prices on items like a spatula… OR, B. Someone got a bad deal on said spatula and the break even price makes the algorithm think its a price gouger?

Not directed at the OP, but this issue comes up repeatedly on the forums from sellers, who’s master class business plan, is simply this - “Buy low sell high, make money.” No original products, no innovation, no trademarks or brand. You are at someone else’s mercy on both ends with no innovation.


I’ve lost some products to this nonsense because the other seller had a shipping cost and Amazon only seemed to consider their item cost as if they had free shipping.

Them: $2.00+$6.99=$8.99
Me: $8.99
Amazon: Your price must be $2 or less or your pricing is “unfair”.
Me: !!!


I wouldn’t say they are forbidding price gouging. I have dozens of deactivated listings where my price is lower, in some cases hundreds of dollars lower, than the still active listings. Many of those active listings are sellers drop-shipping my deactivated listing from other sites.


You think that’s bad…
I had an item only Amazon and myself sold.
Me at 19.99 ($2 under MSRP) Amazon Algo lowers the price to $4 + change and then my listing gets flagged for being over priced. My listing gets taken down. As I’m appealing it, Amazon algo has raised their price to 37.99…I haven’t been able to get relisted for the last 3 months.
Their computer is really messing me up…I have at this point over 400 products that have been taken down that I am trying to fight…99% of them, I am in the right…but that doesn’t matter…


for something like an autographed book, you could list as ‘collectible’ … the ‘price fixing’ by amazon does not seem to affect those listings … yet

but be warned, collectible listings are difficult for customers to find … even more now with the new slide in offer page …


What product is this? Is there an asin number I can see what it is? You should be able to put in what price you want, shipping template for the amt being shipped.


I have been moving a lot of autographed copies out of collectible unless they come up on the first page for all conditions. With the new way listings appear there are now fewer that come up on the first page. . The particular book I am having the problem with is one that I moved out of collectible. I have many copies of that book (kokopelli’s dream) that are not autographed and never any problem with those at a $7 price.


Amazon is selling it for $7.98. I wanted 14.95 with free shipping…i have to lower it $2 in order to activate it. That leaves around $6-7(after 15% and shipping) to buy the item, pay labor, etc…

if i raise the price even a penny it blocks my listing


amazon is selling what??? amazon isn’t selling, someone else is selling amazons platform.


Ships and sold by Amazon would be Amazon selling it, would it not?


The item is irrelevant. IMO