Amazon introduces Quick Tips & Engage with Amazon on the Seller Forums


In response to Seller feedback, we have launched two new categories within the Seller Forums: ‘Quick Tips from Amazon’ and ‘Engage with Amazon’.

Quick Tips from Amazon

We heard from Sellers that it would be helpful to capture validated solutions for commonly discussed topics for all Sellers to reference in a dedicated category. These tips will also contain helpful links to aid further research via Seller University, Seller Central, and more.

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Engage with Amazon

From December, 2021, we have posted new relevant questions and topics on a weekly basis to spark broader discussions and give sellers an opportunity to share their experiences. We have seen high seller engagement with these discussions, as well as valuable feedback for Amazon. We look forward to seeing continued engagement in this dedicated category.

Engage with Amazon now


Not sure what this is, can you someone explain?


Hi @HbHb,

Quick Tips From Amazon is a new category within Seller Forums that aids in giving sellers verified information on commonly discussed topics directly from the internal teams at Amazon. The first post on Variations was posted today and can be found here.

Engage with Amazon is a category where we post relevant discussion topics each week to encourage Sellers to exchange their knowledge and experiences. This category gives Sellers the opportunity to engage with not only each other but Amazon as well.

Keep an eye out for future posts!


Aw… Bless.