Amazon Introduces Holiday Deal Promotions for Third-Party Sellers


Amazon to offer sellers the opportunity to showcase unique products and great deals on Amazon’s holiday deal pages

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)-- (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced that this holiday season, thousands of third-party sellers will have the opportunity to participate in the holiday deals promotion program. Third-party sellers on Amazon will be invited to offer holiday deals that will be featured on the Amazon holiday deal pages, including the popular Today’s Deals page. The holiday deals from sellers will be appearing on high customer traffic merchandising pages which highlight limited time discounts on hot holiday items exclusively from sellers.

“It will now be easier than ever for our millions of customers to find popular and unique holiday products from our sellers,” said Peter Faricy, VP for Amazon Marketplace. “We know that customers expect to find the lowest prices on Amazon and love browsing the holiday deal pages for great bargains. We are excited that for the first time ever our sellers will be able to showcase their unique and high quality items on the holiday promotion shopping pages.”

“Our Gold Box Deal promotion earlier this year was an outstanding success. We listed a popular camera at an unbeatable price that was showcased on the premier placement of Amazon Today’s Deal page for several hours. As a result, we received an enormous increase in sales during the promotion, especially for an item priced over $200. The Gold Box Deal promotion helped us sell approximately 30 percent of the cameras we had in stock in only a few hours. Considering our large inventory, the amount of orders we fulfilled greatly exceeded our expectations,” said Michael Silberstein, operations manager for Focus Camera, an electronics retailer based in New York City. “The Gold Box Deal attracted so many customers that we can’t wait for our next chance to participate during the holidays. Amazon is undoubtedly our most important sales channel during the holiday season. If our items are listed on Amazon and the price is right, sales are guaranteed.”

Sellers invited to take part in the holiday deals promotion program will have the opportunity to feature their deals for popular holiday gifting products on Amazon’s holiday shopping pages, such as Gold Box Today’s Deal page, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal pages, and category holiday pages. The most popular holiday categories, including electronics and toys, will have numerous deals each day from various sellers throughout the holiday selling season.

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Perhaps they are reading this message board after all.

Several sellers asked over the past few months how their products could get in the Gold Box.


+Got to love Amazon. And the seller that they quote in the article is not in agreement with Amazon return policy and put their personal email address in the about us area!!!+

Reminds me of eBay’s old “Seller of the Month” award, which turned out to be the rule breaker of the month award. Many of the sellers eBay spotlighted where in violation of the rules.


Amazon apparently started this with a few sellers over the summer, looks like they’re rolling it out to a lot more. Wonder how many Chinese/Hong Kong sellers will be invited to participate…


Got to love Amazon. And the seller that they quote in the article is not in agreement with Amazon return policy and put their personal email address in the about us area!!!

Quoted From their At a Glance Return/Refund Policy

"Return or Replacement Policy: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it (see exceptions in Paragraph g) below) within 14 days of receipt, for a refund, or a replacement - subject to the following:
g) There are product categories which are not returnable, due to hygienic, sanitary, or other reasons, as required by the respective Manufacturers. Please review the categories below to make sure that your purchase qualifies to be returned. Non-Returnable Categories: BBQ Grills; Consumable, Perishable, and/or Sensitized items, such as: Paper, Ink, Lamps, Bulbs, Batteries, and Software; Car Stereo, DJ, and Home Audio; DVD Players; Video Games and Consoles; Home and Kitchen Appliances; Luggage; Musical Instruments; Personal Care; Printers and Scanners; Projection Screens; Televisions; Headphones/Earphones; Special Order items, where indicated; and all items over $1200.00. Purchases from these categories are final. In case any of these items is defective, Customer must return them to the respective authorized service centers, for repair or replacement at the option of the Manufacturer. These items cannot be returned to the Merchant.


At least he believes that. Lol. Thats not what would actually happen.


I had an item in the Gold Box last Christmas. I told Amazon the quantity I had to move (they obviously knew because they were FBA) and the price I was willing to discount if I received the promotion. I changed the price, they turned on the promotion, and I moved dead inventory!


It might work if they manage to scare the buyer.

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