Amazon Inbound Team relabeling units without Permission



Has anyone experienced these issues with Amazon fulfillment team? Lately, customers have been complaining about receiving the incorrect product which are fulfilled by Amazon.

After countless emails of customers complaining about receiving incorrect items, they have provided us photos of what they received and these photos show that Amazon has been relabeling our units incorrectly and pasting them on top of our barcode label that we prepare before shipping to Amazon. Amazon did not inform us about any of these relabeling requirements, as we are not opted into labeling preparations by Amazon.

All I am left with is opening a case to run a bin check on these ASINs and left with the same reply “Amazon does not relabel units without permission…”

Has anyone had this issue in the past? Is there someone to contact at Amazon about this? Amazon Seller Support does not provide any support or any assistance past a bin check. Yet, I have plenty of photos which show Amazon`s label on top of our label and still they have denied any guilt.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


Yes this happens sometimes, possibly if your item has the incorrect UPC on it, or if Amazon got a return from a customer noting that they were sent the wrong item. It can be very frustrating, and unfortunately the only way to truly rectify it and avoid your account being suspended because a ton of customers will start getting the wrong item, is to remove all your inventory and relabel. Opening a case with Amazon will not get this resolved, the only way to fix it is to do it yourself. Trust me, i know how terrible it sounds, but its the only way we have been able to rectify Amazon re-label issues in the past.


I do not have UPCs on my products.

These units are also not returns from customers.

Plus, all my products are labeled by us and with the photos provided, they all show that we labeled them correctly.

This is also an ongoing issue on a per shipment basis, to just reship everything back and inspecting them ourselves will not solve the problem because every new shipment we ship out, has been having this problem.

To give a brief background about our company, we have been selling on Amazon for over 10 years now and we sell through Amazon FBA. Currently, Amazon is holding 250,000 units of ours and this has never happened till recent.


If you pull your inventory out to fix this during the free removal, you may not be able to send it back in for 90 days.


We have experienced this same issue a few times before. We have no idea how to prevent this from occurring. It happens to UPC’s and FNSKU’s. It is rare but horrible when it occurs.

We had to remove the entire product inventory for the mislabeled ASIN (the ASIN of the wrong label applied to the product by Amazon Warehouse employee). Then relabel again, if not damaged in return shipping, with the original correct UPC or FNSKU.


@HLC.ME Same experience as @Old-Timer ! It took us almost 3 months to completely fix on our best selling ASIN. Amazon never took responsibility, and we had to pay for the the shipments back and forth. Took so long because we would recall the the inventory, wait for it to completely clear up, send new inventory and then they would find more of the mislabeled items and mixed it in with the new inventory.

Awful experience and all they will do is bin checks.