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Since my Amazon account has been suspended for reasons I do not know and the fee charged to me at the opening is not refunded, I request a refund of the fee in my account. I want it done as soon as possible.

I can't reach anyone on amazon

Okay, I’ll look into it.


it’s just all sellers here, we can’t do anything for your account.


So you’re new. All new accounts are suspended when they first sign up. Follow Amazon’s directions to verify your identity, location, assign the bank account and credit card, and if all goes well, you’ll be approved and activated in the next few weeks.

This is normal.


so how can i do this


if you truly want nothing to do with amazon, first downgrade to an individual account to stop the monthly fees.
depending on how far you got with registration you could just get a new credit card so the one on amazon is no longer valid and walk away.

as @ASV_Vites states, being asked for documents to verify you are who you say is all part of starting out with amazon.
were you having issues getting verified? we could help you with that if you want.

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