Amazon has become a cesspool for fake Chinese con artists. I'm out


It’s really sad how little Amazon cares about the integrity of their website and what low standards they have for sellers. I have been selling in Amazon for 5 years, and I’m out. Ever since they allow Chinese sellers to sell fake merchandise without background checks, they have subjected their poor buyers to being ripped off. Leaving negative feedback does nothing, sellers with 11 0% feedback ratings don’t get suspended. You have to jump through flaming hoops and hurdles to file a copyright infringement claim, and rarely is it dealt with. I usually get some canned response asking for more information over and over again. Nothing ever gets resolved.

You can see such violations by looking up ASIN B00KP88ETG . 101 sellers selling my artwork product, all 101 are fake Chinese seller accounts claiming to ship from USA but ship from China, and every seller who has sold an item has negative feedback. For every 1 seller I’m able to remove, another 10 pop up the next day. Most likely the same seller operating multiple accounts. Amazon doesn’t care. No standards. So sad. I wish I could get all the products I uploaded to Amazon removed so future buyers don’t get ripped off, but alas I can’t afford a lawyer, so they ignore my requests. Bye bye Amazon. You used to be great.




How is that a +true+ statement? It’s a conclusion based on personal bias.


Not too helpful, you could at least acknowledge that what he is saying is in fact a true statement.


The thing nobody ever mentions is that these Chinese counterfeiters STILL have to live in China, which would be punishment enough for me.

I’ll take lesser sales but get to live in the US by the beach more than volume but have to live in oppressive China any day of the week.

What’s the point of selling a million HDMI cables if you can’t go outside and enjoy life a little?


A true statement ? he said “all 101 are fake Chinese seller accounts”,at least you need to check if the 101 are all chinese or not . You can check the ASIN he offered,you will find ,in these 101 seller,mostly are from U.S and some are from Spain,some from India,some from U.K ,how come he can say "all 101 are fake Chinese seller accounts "? It is not true.


There is plenty of confirmation that counterfeiting is a problem. It’s in the press. It’s on our boards. It’s on Facebook, Amazon’s buyers forums. Reddit…

You should get out more.

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> You should get out more.

Maybe he lives in Beijing and the smog is so bad he can’t get out for weeks on end.

H’mm, if one can’t get out for weeks on end how does one ship product? Oh that’s right, they just ship their counterfeit product to FBA when they can get out.


would you rather live in shen zhen when your 12 years old and make iPhones for 24 hrs straight and then jump off the roof because of it then live in Chicago?

Please don’t compare MOST of America to the steets of Chicago

It’s kind of like Russian hackers, it’s a Pyricc Victory. They hacked you but they still have to live in Russia.

The way you beat chinese counterfeits is don’t play their game becuae amazon has made it clear they don’t want to help you.


It is strongly supported by the fact that Amazon does not gate certain categories like cell phone cases.

It would not take much: a mere 20 dollar entry fee would not seriously impede real sellers, but would really slow down the multi-account fakers.


why even dignify his post with your response.

It’s been ALL over the news and ALL over these forums for the last year that this counterfeiting problem has been going on and amazon is doing nothing to stop it.


When you lie in bed with dogs, you get fleas.

Are you trying to sell the same products made in China? If so, you will just have to live with the situation because it will not get better. Why not try selling Brand products made in England and Germany. We do quite well with them. It is not worth the effort for the Chinese to counterfeit.


It’s even possible to sell products that +are+ made in China but are just too much trouble for the counterfeiters to try and counterfeit.

Beat em at their own game, that’s what I do.


because communist countries are never oppressive


just wow

maybe you sould visit North Korea afterward

and i wasn’t talking about visting like an ugly american i was talking about living there

big difference


I guess your friend eastern peace helped you create this account to leave a comment in favor of him.

To be clear, unless you cannot read, there are thousands of posts in the past few months, and tons of new articles, that reiterate the OP’s statement AS FACT and not an opinion.

Most are from US, some from Spain, some from India… ALL SHIP FROM CHINA THO.

Do you not know what a lie is?


What does this even mean? Let’s let somebody break the law and destroy family business in the USA because they live in a place where they (apparently), cannot go outside and enjoy life.

Sorry, they have a computer to list items, and in my personal opinion since we’re all about throwing that around. If you have a PC and access to it - your life couldn’t possibly suck that bad. Rather that than live on the street in chicago… Wouldn’t you agree?


Wow. I have always wanted to visit China and Hong Kong. Seriously doubt it is as oppressive as you seem to believe.

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