Amazon granting claims and shipping/delivery date hasn’t passed


Having a serious issue for the passed month with Amazon granting claims automatically when the shipping date hasn’t passed on the order and the delivery date hasn’t passed on the orded. So no tracking on the orders yet and the shipping dates haven’t passed yet.
Anyone else having this issue?
Amazon customer service is useless
Not sure what to do here as my ODR is being killed because of this


How big is the delivery window on these orders?


Hello @Firstofakind

Atlas from Amazon here! I understand you are having issues with your order defect rate.

I understand that the primary contribution to your order defect rate in this situation is your a-to-z guarantee claims. With a-to-z claims, it is important to research the issues thoroughly to determine where the root issue is. If you can identify what that root issue is, then you can avoid them being filed all together.

Is there a specific product that the claims are coming back on? You mention the issues with the delivery dates and tracking information. Have you looked into any issues with your shipping process? What does your handling time look like for the delivery? Did any of the customers reach out to you? What kind of issues were they reporting?

It’s possible you may need to adjust some information in your shipping settings to prevent any future issues. I would suggest looking into all of your orders being affected by the order defect rate, which you can do by pulling the report off the account health page, and confirming all of the information. For more information on responding to a-to-z claims, refer here.

If you have any additional updates or questions, please refer back here so we may continue to assist.

Your friend,



for example I have an order # with the below details

Order Date: 07/22/2022 02:45 PM
Promise Date: 08/21/2023 11:59 PM

so order date is July 22nd, 2022, and ship date is 8/21/2023

customer did not request cancellation on this order,
amazon opened an a-z claim for this order

We have closed an A-to-z Guarantee claim of…on order… because the order was cancelled. No further action is required from you at this time but we have counted the claim against your Order Defect Rate.

I understand the ship date and order date there is a large gap but amazon does not allow for a-z claims to be opened unless the the EDD is passed 3 days and also to repeat I never got a cancellation request from the customer, so the customer never reached out either.

I am noticing I started having this issue ever since Amazon changed their cancellation methods. this is obviously a glitch as I have always been doing this and this past month getting these a-z claims that do not follow amazon policies.


I’m kinda confused. I have never seen such a thing as “Promise Date.” And even if there were, I’d think it would mean that is the date the buyer should expect to receive the order. And why is that window of time over a year? Is your handling time that long? If I were a buyer, what I ordered must be pretty special to wait a year and a month to receive it. I gotta ask, what are you selling?

These are the types of dates regarding purchase, ship and delivery dates on my orders:

Ship by: Mon, Aug 15, 2022 to Tue, Aug 16, 2022
Deliver by: Wed, Aug 17, 2022 to Mon, Aug 22, 2022
Purchase date: Fri, Aug 12, 2022, 1:08 PM PDT


I believe the longest allowed window from order date to ship date is 30 days. The date you are showing is over a year in the future, so Amazon is probably doing this automatically at 30 days.