Amazon gave away my product


Amazon gave away $1000 product after I closed a return. They won’t talk to me about it. Said they would call me 3 different times when I scheduled a callback within 12 hours. Gave a refund without allowing me to make a decision and still cannot talk to anybody about it. They are telling me A-Z claims doesn’t have a phone number to call and also no email to mail to. Amazon does not care about their sellers anymore as I have been doing business w/ them for 20 years. Don’t sell anything on their site. Horrible company with morons for CS reps. Ebay will treat you much better. Trust me, don’t even start doing business w/ them, unless you want what is happening to countless sellers to happen to you. Real talk people, I never write on any forums or feedback pages as I usually can work through my problems, NOT WITH AMAZON. Communist company! Way too big for their britches. They do this to a seller who has sold $3000 dollars in products last mo. and bought $1000 of stuff also. Not anymore, don’t let it happen to you and it will. They don’t care, you’ll see. If you sell anything, low dollar items that you don’t care about and you could give away, that’s it. Trust me, I’ve spent hours trying to get a hold of somebody and writing them for a month and a half now. Their uneducated representatives do not care and do not have any consequences for their actions or decisions. Good luck! I will not buy or sell anything on Amazon. Bad Business!


What do you mean ? did you authorized the return ?

Did you respond to the A-Z claim in timely manner ? Seller support don’t handle A-Z , you had to respond to the claim .


If the buyer opened a return request within policy and you closed the request without authorization , that’s why you lost the A - Z .