Amazon for Sellers + Their Customer Service Sucks


This is a rant as much as it looking for help.

I had an issue a few months ago with my Amazon Selling Account. Basically there was an issue with my business model + inventory that hurt my metrics especially as it came to cancellations.

Since my account got reinstated I fixed the issues and had a PERFECT record. I had 100% positive feedback. Problem again is though I have low volume and my long term metrics were still hurt and this I believe caused the issue. A customer service agent in writing and on the phone told me it wasn’t properly updatedand a few hours later wrote back that it was resolved. I log back in and of course it isnt + my $1500 USD is being held.

Of course I am going through the same dance as before, submitting plans of action when they’re not even required, getting cookie cutter responses from Seller- performance. I’ve even emailed Jeff Bezos but of course it gets delegated to people who won’t give me a proper response even with screenshot proof showing the significantly improved metrics.

Once I have my funds released, I don’t think I am ever going to be an Amazon customer ever again even though on the buying side their customer service is legendary.


The order defect rate currently reflects metrics from Nov 1 to Jan 30

Your cancellations from Jan 30 to Mar 1.

Those are the numbers you earned and they will have an effect until they roll over.

What do you think someone in Amazon Seller Support should do for you? You were allowed to sell again.

No one in Seller Support can override the system.


> on the buying side their customer service is legendary.

> there was an issue with my business model + inventory that hurt my metrics especially as it came to cancellations.

Do you see the discontinuity between these two statements?

Amazon had a seller who was not providing legendary customer service, and suspended them. Now (although you refer to ‘the issue’ you don’t say what it is) it appears that Amazon is holding funds. We don’t have enough information to guess why, but this is what you contractually agreed to. Amazon can retain funds for up to 90 days if they want.


I understand what you are saying, but the amount of effort I had to put into fixing my account last time was ridiculous. It wasnt until I emailed Jeff Bezos that my account magically got reinstated.

My problem is this. Why reinstate my account, I take EVERY step to fix all of my metrics without so much as a single issue just to fix it again? I’m at a loss as to what to even put into my Plan of Action this time around (seems to be the only way to fix it) when I have no issues at all with my business plan since the rein-station.

I also don’t see the reason why hold onto my funds either from the account suspension. I fully understand their reasons during the first account suspension. I just cannot wrap my head around the second suspension.

The only way that this would not have happened would have been for me to sell 100+ orders with the same flawless manner to get that rate down, but my business just simply isnt on that scale. Im going to attach my screenshot that I gave them, maybe you will have more insight.

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I also wanted to add my metrics were obviously worse because of those 2 defects. Here is proof of a time stamp and my account being reinstated. It wasnt a plan of action but emails to Jeff that finally got me reinstated. Why reinstate me (which is a chance for me to improve), I make good on my promise to improve, just to be cancelled again for the same reasons? Its like punishing me for something you forgave me for 3 months ago.


You didn’t give enough information to offer advice. We don’t know why you had poor ODR. We don’t know why you were suspended nor what Amazon’s suspension email said. We don’t know what you wrote to appeal. You didn’t even provide enough information to give you general advice.

It is also not clear whether you are suspended right now or if they are just holding funds during an account review. Until you provide relevant information, no one can help you.

You need to post multiple things:

  • Your suspension email
  • Your appeal(s)
  • The reason why you have poor metics
  • All emails regarding any suspension or withholding of funds

Until you post those things, there is not enough information to even give you bad advice.


The email showing the reason for the current suspension - if it is a suspension.

Your metrics in the screen shot should not have gotten you suspended again.


> This is a rant as much as it looking for help.
> I understand what you are saying, but the amount of effort I had to put into fixing my account last time was ridiculous. It wasnt until I emailed Jeff Bezos that my account magically got reinstated.
Rant acknowledged.
Sympathy allocated and dispensed.
Congratulations are in order; so congratulations.
You’ll get your funds when Amazon decides to disburse them.
No one here can speed that along for you.

Apart from that, I’m not sure what you need help with.

Sorry, just reread and realized you’re now on round II.
Sorry to hear about that. Seems like a bot got you, and
has the credibility to over rule a decision from Jeff’s staff.

No one really knows what goes on in the teeny little tiny
mind of a bot, but I’m guessing that an appeal that falls
on your sword, and explains a plan of action that will
convince them this will never happen again will get more

I’m guessing an appeal containing a POA that says, “Ill
just stop seller here,” while logically would seem an effective
POA, is probably not what they’re looking for to reinstate

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Since people are asking for clarification I’ll do my best to try to document everything but even being concise will probably result in a somewhat lengthy post. I hope by doing so it may help shed some light. First of all, I have not been using Amazon a lot for selling. Especially when I first started it out, it was used more like an ebay…if I had some old electronics to sell I would (after comparing ebay vs amazon to see what would net me the most cash). All in all from 2014 up until September 2016 I probably sold less than 10 items.

In September 2016 by pure luck I happened to have a tablet that I was shocked at how much more it costs in the States vs Canada. I live in Canada and these tablets can be bought locally (but supply is not constant as they were discontinued). I sold the one tablet I happened to have and didn’t think much more about it…until I lost my job late October 2016. I get layoff cash payouts, but still figured what the heck why don’t I do something to bring some money and supplement my income. The margins were too good to ignore.

I didn’t know what kind of interest there happened to be in this tablet. I thought maybe it was a pure fluke. So of course I posted different variants (different sizes, Wifi only etc etc). The thing is I didn’t have them on hand, I just wanted to see if the orders would come through. I would worry about the supply problem afterwards. (Please don’t lecture me on why this is a bad business approach- I learned my lesson)

Sure enough, orders did come through at various price points and initially I was able to keep up with demand. I always seemed to luck out on kijiji and was able to find the exact product I was looking for. My problems stated to occur when I had actual businesses ordering from me. I was forced to cancel 2 orders because they involved multiple products and I simply could not meet the order. Additionally, I did a poor job of being organized and shipped the wrong size of tablet to another customer hence my “product defects”. The 2nd defect was someone who wasn’t happy with the condition.

On November 28th I received the typical email saying my metrics were intolerable and I needed to submit a plan of action. There wasn’t much for me to explain other than what I am telling you in this post i.e. DONT POST INVENTORY YOU DONT HAVE. I explained my whole business model to them. The thing is Amazon Seller Peformance was not getting back to me, and when they were they just kept telling me over and over they are reviewing it. This went on for almost 7 weeks. I started to freak out because being unemployed I had $6000 just frozen by Amazon. This represented my money sunk into the products + profits. I could not afford to be without it. When you look at my screenshots those 2 cancellations and 2 defects were what caused this. I had to repeatedly call and email. It wasn’t until I wrote to Jeff that my suspension was magically lifted with zero explanation.

Ever since my account got reinstated I have literally fixed everything and sell using the new business model (only posting inventory I have, I am always prompt with responses, shipping etc) and during that time frame I even received positive feedback. I have had 18 sales that went through without a hitch. I then get this email from then on March 6th:


Your order defect rate is higher than the goal of less than 1%. As a result, you may no longer sell on, and your listings have been removed from our site.

Please ship any open orders. If you have funds in your account, they will be available after any amounts paid for A-to-z claims or chargebacks on your orders have been deducted. This usually takes about 90 days, but funds may be held longer.

I worked my tail off to fix everything just to get suspended again?? For what?? Yes my long term metrics are still OFF because I don’t have the volume of perfect sales to be able to pull off 200 sales (2/200 = 1%)? It’s like I said this like someone forgiving you just to literally punish you for something that they forgave you for?

I get responses like this from Seller Performance:

Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,

This is Jem, one of the Account Manager and I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

I have reviewed your account and determined that our Seller Performance team has decided, after careful review, that your selling privileges will not be reinstated. Our records also indicate that they have notified you that their decision is final.

Very generic with no explanation. I have opened multiple cases though surrounding this (I honestly dont care if I cant sell anymore, I am irritated at the piss poor customer service and my funds being held again without merit). The other managers have told me to keep bombarding them with new plans of action over and over as per this response:

Dear Crhis,

This is Ruby from Amazon Seller Support. I spoke to you not to long ago regarding your issues with your account privileges being taken away.

As we discussed on the phone, at this time, your only option going forward is to continue writing to our seller performance team and to submit a plan of action/appeal again. I have provided the helpful like we discussed on the phone below in order to assist you with your appeal.

Appeal the restriction or removal of selling privileges*=1&ent

I have included the email address below for our seller performance team as well as Amazons payments team in order for you to find out when and how you can receive the funds in your account. Like I said on the phone, there is no limit to how many times you can email these teams.

Seller Performance:


While I know this was not the outcome you were hoping for, I do thank you for allowing me to address your concern.

Please let us know how we did.

I hope this is enough information for you guys to extract some kind of thoughts for me. I am not asking for an override, but for a genuine explanation why my account is suspended when the stated reason is not true (as per the metrics screen shot). I can go the plan of action route, but I don’t even know what to write given that again…those are usually for businesses that need improvement…my business has improved in everyway since my first suspension.


Please see new post and see my first post showing my metrics. My metrics though low volume are flawless…



On March 9th one of the agents lied to me. She asked me to submit a plan of action…I did…she then emailed me saying my issue is now fixed (the account suspension)…when I log in of course it is still suspended…she just said she will forward it to another department LOL…FML


Based on what you stated, it sounds like they made an error in reinstating you and corrected that error by suspending you again.

You can submit your plan again but it is unlikely you will be reinstated. You will be paid your final disbursement in your regular pay period 90 days after your last suspension. There is no way to get paid earlier than that if you are permanently suspended.


Bizarre, I get two random emails now:

Amazon Services

Yesterday, 23:08

We initiated a transfer to your checking account (ending in 394) in the amount of $1555.13 on 03/11/2017.

Funds usually arrive within 3 - 5 business days, varying by bank.

To see more information about payments to your seller account, do the following:

  1. Log in to your seller account and go to your payments information page
  2. Use the Account Summary drop-down menu to see past payments.

Thank you for selling on Amazon,

Amazon Services

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