Amazon Europe 1099-K for 2019?


We sell on Amazon US, UK / EU, CA, AUS.

For 2018, I had two 1099-K forms: one for our Amazon US account and a second 1099-K from AMAZON EUROPE CORE SARL for our EU earnings. For 2019, I received an email notice from both about a 1099-K being available but I cannot find the EU one anywhere. Any ideas where to find it?

If it doesn’t exist, how can I get to the correct gross sales for UK and EU marketplaces to report on my return? And how to get the figure for Canada and AUS?

Thank you.


It really depends on how you set up your account. If your business address was a US address and you provided US related information, then you should receive a 1099 for every marketplace.

You should not worry about those 1099’s you did not receive, but as a US business (assuming that is where you are operating from), you will need to follow US regulations for all income regardless of which country it is earned in. You also need to understand the tax treaties between the US and the countries you are operating your business in. You will also need to prepare tax return filings for each country you are operating your business in.

You can use the reports under Payments > Date Range > Summary to run a report for your taxation year on each marketplace you are selling in. You can use that income and those expenses (in greater detail than provided) for your tax returns.