Amazon enabling Fraudulent Seller, fake items & tracking?


Maybe Amazon is busy or they let this scammer fall through the cracks. But seller DARIAN DRAPER has been selling dozens of fake items and fake tracking to scam people. It’s very obvious by the many angry buyers who got scammed who need a full refund. DARIAN DRAPER has been reported many times but Amazon seems to ignoring the reports or taking their sweet time. What should a buyer do? Wait for amazon to slowly step in or contact their credit card company?

"This is my second time in less than two weeks trying to get in touch! The first one wasn’t honored with a response. My shipment was delayed and nobody knows if it will ever reach me. Amazon has now extended the ‘expected’ delivery date by another week! Read less
By W. on August 18, 2017.
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As other mention DARIAN DRAPER is a scammer. No item sent or response back, bogus tracking of item. Amazon, why are you enabling this scammer to keep hurting pe… Read more
By jives132 on August 18, 2017.
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Too good to be true
By Twisted Baby Girl on August 18, 2017.
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Ordered 2 of these on 1 Aug, paid extra for expedited shipping. Originally supposed to arrive between 4 and 9 Aug, on 9 Aug it got pushed to 9-15 Aug. Still hav… Read more
By Cody J Russell on August 16, 2017.
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it is 8:40pm on Aug 15th, date of promised delivery, no sight of the package. On top of that, the seller chose not to offer any tracking means and yet dragged… Read more


Thank you.


Posted this one for you:

Reporting Just Launched and other Scam Sellers (Proper Format).
For above, please, email your list to: [], +do not+ post list in this thread.

If you wish to post your list in the forum, please use this thread:
This weeks list of fraudulent sellers. Or “Just Launched” Listing Hijackers.

+Busy_Girl wrote:+ For those sellers who subscribe to auto pricers or have in-house Amazon push notifications set up to monitor pricing changes on their listings: contact your autopricer provider or your IT, if you are a larger seller and request that they set up a couple views:
Using Push Notifications to Track Fraudulent Accounts.


No they aren’t too busy and the cracks are open doors for these JL Listers.
For well over a year this has been going on and they are listing (not selling) on Amaozn to steal the buyers Identity - It starts with NAP - Name Address and Phone number and then they can socially engineer to find out everything needed to steal a persons identity.

This is truly the biggest threat to the online world and all we can do is create threads and send links - while amazon would simply need to put in place limits on New / Dormant sellers -

So SAD!/ Jo


That’s pretty scary that Fraudulent Seller on amazon would do that. I had my ID stolen before and it was a mess to clean up.

I hope Amazon would step up immediate especially after dozen bad transaction and bogus seller’s profile like DARIAN DRAPER. But it seem Amazon makes it easy for them. They have been reported for weeks and free to keep scamming. I just contacted my credit card company and they investigated and refund me within 48 hours easy.


Almost all of the listings for my branded items get highjacked at least once a week. This has been going on for several months now. Here is the strange thing. I notice that I only get sales when my items are getting highjacked. If there is not a highjacker, I have no sales. It is a pattern I have noticed for about 3 weeks now. Also, one of the items that is highjacked most frequently has a really low sales rank. Could it be that the highjacking effects the ranking of the entire category? If not, how can we explain the trend. It is for sure a trend. Im going to start a spreadsheet and graph the correlation.

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