Amazon does not allow a re-stocking fee for refused orders


They have always let me deduct the fee on refused orders. I don’t know why this has changed. The fact that it was refused should have been enough. We sent it to the right address and we sent it on time. I don’t know what Amazon’s official position is at the moment, but I have been trying to get them to clarify this type of situation. Same with the new postal feature that allows customers to give permission through an app to the carrier so that signature required packages can be left without getting the signature. Amazon’s response was telling. They said they have no policy and if they do create one it will be in the seller help section. Amazon refuses to clarify these policies even after repeated attempts.


Did they refuse it because it was damaged or do you know?


I tried getting my company to reduce the item price and charge a shipping fee instead of offering free shipping on orders over $100, but they think that the customer will see the shipping fee and buy the one that does not even if the total price is the same. Even if I had shipping to withhold that does not mean the customer would not file a claim for the withheld shipping fee. I’ve had customers file claims for it in the past.


It has not changed.
Refused order was never a valid reason for charging restocking fees.
If customers did not notice or did not fight your tricks before does not mean it was allowed

Read policy.


In order to charge a restocking fee, the order has to have been delivered.

Yours was not.

Amazon reports many orders which are unclaimed as refused on its site, even when USPS does not show them as refused.


The item was fine. The customer refused to pick it up even though I told him where it was and what he had to do to get it.


The attempted delivery counts. A customer’s refusal does not invalidate the fee.


They fought and I won in the past.


We have had a few of these cases come up recently and we were able to withhold the 20% and the return shipping fee even winning the A to Z claims. The way CS for what ever their opinion matters has told us is that a refusal not based on damage is under the buyers remorse and we are allowed to take the fees for a buyers remorse claim. I am trying to locate the link sent but having a hard time sifting through everything.


Attempted delivery does not count.

Amazon does not reimburse buyers out of its pocket for INR claims for attempted delivery either, it charges the seller.


You never won.
Amazon may have funded it.

As i buyer I had many sellers tried to charge me restocking fees.
in every case I received my money back in full.


Actually the policy for refused deliveries only covers damaged items. There is no policy for just refused orders. If there is please link.


Thank you! I do remember something about refusal not based on damage is buyer;s remorse. I’ll look too.


In terms of the delivery window it does.


Sometimes, but not always.


Glad i am not crazy but cant find the stupid link…ended up taking a nap instead :rofl: 30 min power nap i told the boss :joy:


That’s part of the problem. Amazon doesn’t do anything with consistency or they don’t have an actual policy.


I just opened a case with seller support. Will post what they reply.


Amazon says NO on re-stocking fees for refused or abandoned orders.

This is what they said:
"The restocking fee is overridden when the A to Z Claim is granted to the customer because they would get a full refund. As mentioned before, customer experience is a huge part of doing business at Amazon, therefore we would expect sellers to understand a customer couldn’t pick up an order as part of doing business.

Refused or undeliverable items are not subject to restocking fees because they are not a part of our manage returns process. When a buyer requests a return, Amazon will send you an email stating the reason for the return. Sellers are responsible for any non-delivery as per their seller agreement. Sellers are responsible for setting the prices of the products along with shipping rates and rules."

“Sellers are responsible for any non-delivery as per their seller agreement.” Even if the non-delivery is caused by the customer? Ridiculous.

“Sellers are responsible for setting the prices of the products along with shipping rates and rules.”
Oh really? The rules are set by Amazon not the seller. That is the one thing they hammer into all sellers here. Why do they keep lying? What the heck does the price have to do with my inability to charge a re-stocking fee. More BS to obfuscate the real issue.

Also, the order wasn’t picked up because the customer refused not because he was unable to. Most of this only explains the technical reason why you can’t charge the fee(not part of the manage returns process, but no explanation as to why other than customer service). I firmly believe it is buyer’s remorse and we should not have to eat the shipping costs both ways. I am going to try and convince my boss to pull all the items that have high shipping costs. If we could get the $8 rate UPS gave Amazon instead of the $41 rate we were charged I would be more amenable to absorbing these costs, but those low prices Amazon gets from UPS does not extend to the seller. FYI, I purchased the postage from Amazon and it was signature required and insured.

If I send a bag that costs $60 to ship and the customer refuses the delivery or abandons the order we have to eat the $120. Why? We sent what was ordered and the attempted deliveries happened well within the delivery range set by Amazon. I fail to see how a customer’s refusal is my fault or my responsibility.

Also, even if I had a separate shipping charge on the order Amazon said I CANNOT withhold that when an order is refused or abandoned. I predict that Amazon will change their tune when it starts costing them too much like they did with the Safe T claims.

Anyone hear anything about the FTC investigation? Does anyone know of a seller who has been contacted by them? Not looking for names. Just wondering if the investigation is a real one and not one done for show.


I have always assumed you lose an A-Z claim you do not have proof of delivery.

You do not even meet the proof level required for INR protection with Amazon shipping. So IMO, no restocking fee. It was not delivered.

I am sure there will be many posters who agree with you.