Amazon discounted Priority Shipping - What Is This Magik?


Wow, this was a first!

I went to ship a few things today and Amazon automatically selected Priority for an item that was 10 oz - BUT - they gave a nearly 50% discount on it so the cost was the same as 1st Class. It was noted in RED type that it was discounted by Amazon and the (?) pop up said it was a promotion to offer faster shipping and paid for by Amazon.

Totally cool and totally unexpected AND it only happened on one item out of 5 identical shipments.


The Amazon Sponsored Discounts Program has been in play since 2022-02-21T05:00:00Z's announcement:

Mileage varies, it seems - but your report of a nearly 50% discount being presented is not only the most-encouraging news that I’ve seen on this front, but also, methinks, a reinforcement of the suppositions of many in our Seller Community that Amazon is attempting to leverage its position in upcoming contract negotiations with the big players in the Carrier Delivery industry.


Ah ha, yes. I think you are probably right on the money, everything is for a reason (and a self-serving one).
I had actually copied that part of the screen but forgot to save it somewhere and recopied something else but the cost was about 4.50 for a Priority shipment of 10 oz to CA from IL. That is just about what the 1st class cost usually is for my packages for that region and the Priority cost would have been 9.00 something, so yeah. Nearly 50%

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